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The Covid-19 cure by Ultrasound (The Global Disease Response).

Press Release: July 02, 2020

TeslaBiotech Ltd Bristol UK ------------Press Release
01-July 2020

The Covid-19 cure by Ultrasound (The Global Disease Response).

Corona Virus is easily killed on a cellular level within the body by Ultrasound therapy within 4 to 6 hours with no side effects and 100% immunity.

Mr Alan Brown had a severe Covid infection during February of high fever, constant cough and painfull lungs with difficulty breathing. On the 5th of March using a Tesla 25 unit the disease was rapidly killed within 6 hours with 100% effect, immunity and zero side effects.

To date over 200 patients have recovered globally using the same technology and tools(specifically Germany) and we have this remedy over 10 years already.

Tesla units are programmed to run 10 very specific frequencies for an illness and use sound, frequency and vibration to remove an issue naturally.

"To understand the universe, use energy, frequency and vibration" Nikola Tesla.
TeslaBiotech and director Alan Brown are in this field for 15 years and remedy for complex diseases such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Epidemics and Pandemics. In 2014 they obtained the cure to Ebola in Sierra Leone. Now we have Covid beaten, if we use it.

This small disease has defeated 185 countries and caused global collapse with economic melt - down in the many Trillions. Perhaps it is time to remove it by installing these tools in hotspot hospitals and clinics globally and saving countless lives and stop losing medical staff. Mankind is already in the 6th mass extiction so we are forming the Global Disease Response to be ready when the "big" Pandemic comes in with 88 years of research and the technology already well proven since 1932.

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