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The Cornerstones of World Business Launches NETWORK ORANGE

Press Release: October 15, 2015

The Cornerstones of World Business, top business address finder, has launched the Network Orange initiative, aimed at providing affordable advertising to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) located in developing nations. Under the Network Orange scheme, every company from a world-leading economy, when purchasing a corporate profile, will be able to nominate a benefactor company in a developing country to receive an identical listing free of charge. There are many ways to encourage fair trade. One way is to give SMEs in emerging economies direct access to the large markets of Europe and North America, by granting them free of charge promotion, which they would normally not be able to afford.

In his statement, Oleg K. Temple, Editor-in-chief at The Cornerstones of World Business, outlined the company objectives for the near future: “Network Orange will change the B2B marketing landscape—it will allow companies to help others without losing any value, as we will match their budget profile for profile to help SMEs without marketing budgets. In terms of changing the world, it is one of those innovations that one hopes the competitors pick up on and copy, beginning a chain reaction of change! On the 27th of October a fundraiser and advertising campaign will kick off, aimed at financing major development to further improve service, reach and effectiveness of the international business directory. In 2016 we shall make every effort to become the go-to choice for brand promotion among SMEs in developing nations. Our focus shall be delivering the most promotional ‘bang’, in terms of value, for every buck.”

Today, every company can make a small, albeit significant difference, by nominating a counterpart in the developing world, thereby fostering their growth and giving them a better chance at success. Studies carried out by World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) show that consumers would generally prefer to purchase directly from the producers, rather than deal with the importers, middlemen and brokers, who ratchet up the prices to justify their existence. The Network Orange initiative aims to bring the producers into the limelight and put them in touch with the consumers of their product or service. Fair trade will inevitably improve lives and the resultant healthy competition will raise the bar in terms of quality standards around the world.

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