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The comprehensive Myanmar travel resource – relaunched!

Press Release: May 20, 2015

Yangon, Myanmar (20th May 2015)

The most comprehensive and popular Myanmar travel website, Go-Myanmar.com (www.go-myanmar.com), has been relaunched, providing all the up-to-date information visitors need for this fast-changing country – now with greatly enhanced content and design.

“We originally launched in 2013 with the goal of helping visitors get the most out of their trip,” notes Marcus Allender, founder of Go-Myanmar.com. “We’ve grown – and learnt a great deal – over that period.”

“Myanmar is exotic and fascinating, but also complex and sometimes baffling; our aim is to simplify the planning process by providing detailed and continually updated destination and travel information, as well as essential local knowledge and a variety of booking options,” Allender continues. “The new Go-Myanmar.com is the result of over two years spent listening to our users and customers and exploring every corner of this amazing country.”

Go-Myanmar.com has been totally revamped with:

- A Myanmar highlights guide and alternative things to do section – our homepage has a map displaying all the must-see spots around the country, providing detailed info on popular destinations and hidden gems, as well as ideas for offbeat activities, from weird propaganda museums to mountainside vineyards.
- Improved functionality, including new transport maps (http://www.go-myanmar.com/getting-around-myanmar) and homepage transport search – now just enter where you are travelling from or to and get detailed air, bus, train and boat information, including timetables and booking facilities.
- Augmented photos and video – in addition to thousands of photos on Flickr and Pinterest, we now have a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcqY-Eo6yiCpo9CzxBHKRw/videos) with videos from destinations all around Myanmar, giving you the fullest picture imaginable – save for actually going there!
- Enhanced accommodation listings (http://www.go-myanmar.com/accommodation/) – hundreds of hotels across the budget spectrum now have dedicated pages with detailed interior and exterior photos; facilities listings; Google map location; and booking functionality.
- Enlarged information and tips section (http://www.go-myanmar.com/essential-information-and-tips/), now with a handy Burmese audio language guide for key phrases and the very latest on mobile and internet in Myanmar – plus much more.
- Expanded tours section – we now offer a huge range of Myanmar tours, from active and outward bound, to over land trips from India, China and Thailand, to special interest tours such as photography, wildlife, art and rail travel.

The above are just highlights of the changes we have made, and they are in addition to our popular content from before, such as wide-ranging destination coverage; how to get to Myanmar over land; the latest on currency and ATMs; visa processes; travel blogs from a wide range of contributors; and more – all with a slick new look and improved usability, design and photos.

To find out more about Go-Myanmar.com, our team and offices in downtown Yangon, go here http://www.go-myanmar.com/about-go-myanmar-com.

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