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The Cognition Tree launches a collaborative Photography Magazine

Press Release: July 16, 2020

The Canvas of the Third Eye Volume - 2 by The Cognition Tree Media and Publications brings forth the best clicking skills under the same roof to peruse in your leisure. An artistic and Literary Content Creation, Collaboration, Distribution & Publication Platform, The Cognition Tree aims to step ahead and mark a milestone in connecting the literary and artistic individuals through the Print and Digital Medium!

Kolkata, West Bengal – The Cognition Tree Media & Publications are happy to announce the release of Canvas of Third Eye, Volume – 2, which is an independent collaborative photography magazine, shares in-depth perspectives of apertures through the different lens shuttered at blink moments by different individuals. It tours us along the path of creative, risk-takers, and adventurous folks, who through their third eye, have fascinated us, freezing their precious moments forever for us to wonder at!

The Magazine is curated, designed, and published by Ayush Maskara, who stands as the Managing Editor at The Cognition Tree Media and Publications hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal. Other team members behind the formation of the collaborative web and print photography magazine include Debangana Chakrabarti, Rishovi Banerjee, Anik Banerjee, Shreya Majumder & Subina Mitra, who also hails and works from Kolkata, West Bengal.

In the existing and rapidly changing media landscape, The Cognition Tree Media and Publications aim to give the information consumers a tour of all the seven colours of the rainbow mirroring a prism in an individual's mind to reflect the Literary and Artistic creation apprehending them. “The Cognition Tree Media and Publications has always tended to reach the core of the parallel universe where the Artistic and Literary souls find refuge,” says Managing Editor of The Cognition Tree Media & Publications, Ayush Maskara. “The main aim of creating this magazine was to bring you closer to a thought that even if your aperture is meant to reach the mass only through digital platforms, the print media would make you reach where the digital paraphernalia can’t reach.” He added.

Canvas of Third Eye, Volume – 2 has given publishing opportunities to 18 fresh newcomers, drone artists & wasted talents under the free genre submissions criterion. This edition tours you into the depth of nature and its organisms along with the occasional shadows on the ball of fire visible in the sky once in a fortune. The front cover of the Magazine reflects the creativity of Mr. Rahul Basak through his vision encapsulating “Fear of Raped Refugee Woman.” He stands as the Director of ADRB Art Private Limited, Co-founder and CEO of “Amar Canvas” and the editor in chief of “My Canvas Talk.” This edition is ad-free with no hidden subscriptions and offers any artistic and literary individuals to connect and get published under our platform through any modes of storytelling.

About The Cognition Tree:

The Cognition Tree Media & The Cognition Tree Publications are a product of Cognition Tree Private Limited, which emerges as the most significant Web & Print-based literary & Artistic Content Creation, Collaboration, Publication, and Distribution Platform in Print and Digital medium.

The Cognition Tree Media revolves around anything which could be artistically and literary recognized in Digital Medium. We Collaborate for different genres of storytelling to feature and Publish individual creators. Here the minds of individual contributors play a significant role in getting an opportunity to get published and to showcase their portfolio online to our audience.

The Cognition Tree Publications emerges as the biggest Web & Print-based literary & Artistic Content Creation, Publication, and Distribution Platform in Print and Digital medium.

The Publishing House of The Cognition Tree specializes in publishing books in genres as diverse as Astrology, Biography, Children’s Literature, Culture, Health, Fiction, Management, Philosophy, Plays, Self-Help, Translations, among various others.

The Cognition Tree Media and Publication House intends to re-phrase the most popular wisdom “The Sky is the Limit” to “The Moon is the Limit, and that is the only Taj Mahal for Story Creators” and continues to give a platform to budding poets, authors and content creators making their creations appreciated the world over.

Notes to editors

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