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The Changing Generation of Retail and the Shopper

Press Release: August 17, 2015

You’ve had the sunshine summer break, hours spent in heat-sweltering traffic jams, back-seat drivers ‘waling how many more mile to go?’ the old English rituals of school holidays never fail to disappoint. Before the obligatory August Bank Holiday of funfairs, parties, picnics on the beach, and evening BBQs and the slow drift into relaxation, what better time to think about preparing for the next term? Whether we like it not the ‘Back to School’ slogan is going to be hitting every High Street window, TV advert or online pop-up banner, over the next few weeks reminding us of the inevitable.

In contrast to the school holiday traditions, over the years our shopping habits have changed somewhat, although as a nation we are probably more shopping-savvy than ever before; a new report highlights a few interesting findings. Some recent typical trends in school ‘new term’ retail shopping showed that shoppers are generally leaving their shopping until later in order to get a ‘deal’. However this often means the ‘must have’ products have already been snapped up. More frequently we are buying our seasonal goodies via the internet and becoming more popular through mobile and tablet devices. On account of the generation Z and their parents’ modern thinking, further analysis proved in-store pick-up, click and collect or free delivery are the most appealing shipping methods once a purchase has been made.

Although much of the emphasis is less on the physical High Street store when buying, when selecting and collecting this is when a presence comes in to its own. Therefore a unique display is paramount to drawing attention and capturing the imagination. Cutting-edge concepts suggest that we will all be shopping using drones and robot sales assistants imminently. However before we go galactic with our plans there is no substitute for a well thought-out clear, fresh, simplistic display. It appears many shoppers are still taking their research from such sources, just using the information in a slightly different way.

Fascinatingly in a time when we probably think children are more self-assertive than ever before, surveys suggest that almost a third of pupils are wearing a school uniform. This is the highest on record, whereas, in the past previous generations looked to rebel against formal rule and ditch protocol.

The behaviour of shoppers will change continually, but how retailers present and serve will ultimately affect their thinking in a positive way. Making it easier, simpler and offering something that stimulates on a personal level will make the difference. Creating a more innovative and forward-thinking approach can only make the changing face of retail and the shopper more intriguing.

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