Press Release: January 22, 2019

The Bledsoe Firm is excited to announce an expansion of their service area to now include all of Orange County, CA. Highly regarded as the best family law firm in California, residents in Orange County will now be able to take advantage of their services.

The Bledsoe Firm, lead by John A. Bledsoe, has been assisting clients with their family law needs for over 25 years. The law practice located at 23101 Lake Center Dr. Suite 310
Lake Forest, CA 92630, has grown and will now begin assisting Orange County individuals looking for the best family law attorney in the area.

Their area of expertise and sole focus is on family law. Practicing in a single area of law allows The Bledsoe Firm to stay up to date with changes in California law, giving their clients the best representation possible. Their services include:

Modification Orders
Child Custody
Spousal Support
Domestic Violence
Restraining Orders
Father’s Rights

When a client chooses The Bledsoe Firm for their family law needs, they may be surprised. Instead of their case getting handed off to a junior associate that has less experience John A. Bledsoe represents clients in court, no one associate. This means that clients can have the best representation and be confident that the 25 years of experience is applied to their case in court.

With any family law matter, it can be emotionally charged. Whether fighting with an ex about custody arrangments or dividing assets through negotiations, having the best attorney possible will ensure a positive outcome.

Mr. Bledsoe has said, “Family law is a complex area of legal practice involving everything from divorce to domestic violence- these are legal matters that involve the most intimate matters- your money, your children, your relationships. A poor outcome can devastate your prospects for health, love, and happiness. If you are facing a family law matter- you simply can’t afford not to hire the best.” on the importance of hiring a family law expert.

Financial matters are a huge part of divorces. What makes The Bledsoe Firm more distinctly qualified than other firms is Mr. Bledsoe’s background in both finance and law. He holds a law degree and a masters degree in finance. The Supreme Court of California has also named him as a certified family law specialist.

One wrong move or poor choice in attorneys during a divorce or family law matter can significantly affect one’s life. At The Bledsoe Firm, client’s receive personalized attention and their cases handled with the experience of the family law expert, now serving Orange County. Client's will find that the hands-on approach, attention, and experience make a huge outcome in their cases.

For more information about The Bledsoe Firm visit their website at http://www.justfamilylaw.com. For questions, please contact John A. Bledsoe at (949) 363-5551 or by email at info@justfamilylaw.com.

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