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The BlackBerry Bold 9700 supports fast social networking

Press Release: March 19, 2010

The official RIM Twitter application has been designed ,especially, for both BlackBerry users as well as Twitter fans.

Isn't it a good news as with the beta version of Twitter for BlackBerry, you get a privilege to experience a lot. On the other hand, the official RIM BlackBerry Facebook application is already hit the entire market and create a lot of competition in this market Twitterberry and UberTwitter to name just two. Recently, the beta version is available by invite only but soon, this advanced technique will be released as a public beta on a link named as www.blackberry.com/twitter.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 (http://www.bestcontractmobilephonedeals.co.uk/phone_deal_contract.asp?Ph=Blackberry--Bold--9700) is an extremely stylish smartphone which caters all your needs. This impressive handset is equipped with full QWERTY keyboard by which you can type text conveniently. So, you can tweet or update your Facebook status with great ease. On top of that, you can stay connected to others via MSN, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter as well as other social networking sites. This excellent mobile phone comes with HSDPA (3.6 Mbps) and Class 10 EDGE as well as GPRS.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is also available under a Sim-free deal. By buying the particular stylish gadget through this deal, you will be able to retain your existing SIM card as well as phone number. On top of that, you will enjoy all the benefits such as fast social networking, emailing and texting. The Clove Technology proffering the BlackBerry 9700 along with free charging pod. Stock available for limited period.

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