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The Big Spring Clean

Press Release: March 25, 2010

With the current gloomy monetary climate of cutbacks, debt and a reluctance to borrow, many people are adopting the attitude of their parents or grandparents and replacing parts in broken-down or worn-out household equipment like vacuum cleaners, rather than throwing the whole thing out and getting a new one on the never-never. For some this is a novel and enlightening experience, whilst for others its what they always did but now find that parts are easier to come by than they were in the throw-away economy we lived in until recently.

Sparesaver is one of the many companies that have emerged to provide a service for this new attitude, supplying spare parts for vacuum cleaners such as Dyson, Miele and Vax amongst others, in addition to operating a repair and servicing facility. Especially in the case of top-of-the-range models like Dyson, it makes perfect sense to find out whether a part needs replacing in an otherwise perfectly good machine, and theres plenty of information on the Sparesaver website to help you decide. Besides, it can be fun to fix things yourself if youve never tried it before. Its even become trendy, like nosing around charity shops. All the best people are doing it these days, and many of us can no longer afford not to, so make a virtue out of necessity!

Using the Sparesaver website is simplicity itself. Its simply a matter of narrowing down until you reach your particular make and model and then taking a look at what spare parts are available for it. Click on Dyson for instance and youre taken to a range of models and then colours of models, and with them all clearly illustrated theres no chance of confusing them. Then click on the spare parts and check out their prices, availability and payment options.

An annual service is naturally recommended, at least for the more expensive models of vacuum cleaner. The site is very helpful in giving hints and advice when it comes to simple breakdowns where a part such as a filter or brush needs replacing, but the Sparesaver servicing facility is useful for the inevitable breakdown where its not easy to establish what the problem is. Theyll collect the machine from your house and take it to their workshop, where it will undergo 52 different checks by experienced technicians.

So as a part of your spring cleaning, treat your essential dust remover to a new lease on life rather than parting with it for no good reason.

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