Press Release: May 07, 2020

From the moment we decided to visit Jordan, we knew it was going to be a difficult task. We had less than 48 hours to explore what we thought were the most famous and best Instagrammable spots & sights in Jordan. This beautiful Arab country is home to many amazing ancient historical views, to a broad red magical desert called Wadi Rum and to Petra, one of the most iconic landmarks in the whole wide world. On this blog post – Instagrammable spots in Jordan -, we will share our experiences and tips on how to spend your time efficiently in Jordan if you only have two days.

Firstly, after we booked our flight with Ryanair, we had to ask ourselves how we were going to get around Jordan and which was the most value for money. As we wanted to feel independent and visit as many sights as possible in this short time, we decided to rent a car from the airport. Even though we were advised to hire a personal driver due to the difficult roads and driving style in Jordan (which eventually was not the case), we went ahead and took the risk anyway.

amman city

amman city



Secondly, since we had an adventurous journey ahead of us, we were looking to book a hotel that was going to offer comfort, good quality and quantity of restaurants and in general, a pampering experience. We looked no further than the well-known Accor hotels group. Through their website, we chose to stay at the 5-star Fairmont Hotel, which is located in the heart of Amman, the capital of Jordan. We also took advantage of the 15% discount given to their members.

Arriving at the incredibly modern Queen Alia International Airport, we issued our visas within 10 minutes and cost us about 50 Euro per person. Exiting the airport, we also bought our sim card, which cost around 40 Euro, in order to have internet coverage everywhere (chose the 60GB data plan with tethering available to share with your partner). After we picked our car straight outside from the airport, we drove for about 30 minutes to arrive at our stunningly beautiful Hotel.

We had a few hours to spend in downtown Amman, so we decided to visit the famous Rainbow street. The road was lively and colourful, full of small jewellery shops, street food restaurants and argeela spots (shisha). Definitely an Instagrammable spot in Jordan. There, we bought our turbans from a lovely souvenir shop which was located exactly opposite the famous Jordanian restaurant Sufra. We finished our night with a lovely authentic Jordanian dinner and a flavoured shisha at the Nassim Restaurant located in our Hotel.



(#1 Instagrammable spot in Jordan)

Our adventure -The Best Jordan Itinerary for 48 hours- begun at 03:00 o’ clock in the morning, since we had to drive for about 300 km via the King’s highway. We wanted to arrive to the lost city of Petra, one of the new Seven Wonders of the world early in the morning so we had enough time to explore as much as we could of this famous UNESCO World Heritage site. Entering the ‘rose city’ as it is also called, cost around 60 euros each. We walked for about an hour surrounded by pink sandstone mountains and caves. We then arrived at the most well-known spot in Petra called ‘The Treasury’ known in Arabic as ‘Al Khazneh’. Perfectly positioned opposite the main route into Petra, this tomb carved into a rock was designed to impress, and this were we first fell in love with Petra.

best spots in jordan


Walking for about another 850 steps, we then arrived at the beautiful Monastery. You need to climb for about another 1 hour to reach, but you really get the privilege to admire it.

At about 14:00 o clock in the afternoon, we were ready to leave this beautiful city, The Lost City, of Petra, and start driving for another one and a half hour to Wadi Rum.

wadi rum travelmoreland


Wadi Rum, The Valley of the Moon, is a must when you are in Jordan. We arrived approximately at 15:00 o’ clock and immediately booked a Jeep Safari, to explore this beautiful dessert.  The price to enter the dessert was about 2 Euro per person, and the 1 hour Jeep Safari package was 25 Euro per person. The views are incredible.  You can see and feel the magic of the Desert. Warm sand and soft at the same time. Silence and fresh air.

At about 16:15, we start our route back to our Hotel in Amman, Jordan. It was about to be a difficult one , thus we went to a kiosk before to get some supplies like snacks and water. Going back to Jordan, we were out of fuel, but we weren’t worried since the King’s Highway was full of petrol stations, every three to four kilometers.  We spend around 50 Euro on fuels and around 60 euro to rent the car for 2 days. Having a personal driver for 2 days and for the specific sights, was 200 euro per person.  At the beginning we were a bit afraid, however arriving at Jordan and driving for about 800km we realise that Jordan is ABSOLUTELY SAFE country to drive.


Jordan is a must and safe trip. While some people are afraid, we are strongly recommend to rent a car and drive. If we could turn back time, we will stay for an extra day, in order to have the opportunity to also book one night at the beautiful camp Hotels of Wadi Rum.

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