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The best concrete polishing and car park decking from Deccon

Press Release: December 29, 2009

For those who have different types of flooring it would be easier and more convenient to hire someone who can service all of these types. There are companies who specialise in Polished concrete and many other similar items, but none more so than Deccon.

Deccon offer a full range of flooring services from Concrete polishing to Car park decking. They provide complete floor preparation for any type of flooring and will not leave until the job is done correctly to the highest of standards that one can receive anywhere in the UK.

They fulfil contracts will many different industries including pharmaceutical, airports, aerospace, automotive, car parks, prisons, retail outlets, and warehouses. They even have competed contracts within the food and educational industries. The work that they have completed with preparing flooring, repairing it, or simple Concrete polishing for these sectors have really proven them to be reliable and leading UK flooring specialist.

They can fit the style of flooring with whatever needs the customer may have. Retail stores for example will need something more stylish but also something that fits their theme. Deccon Ltd will consult with the company owners and decide on a design that is suitable, providing valuable and insightful input along the way. For warehousing floors, they can do everything from sealing the floor, to line markers and complete resin systems. Airports, because of their many sections such as shopping, security, lounges, or high traffic ticket areas, require various different surfaces such as Terrazzo, Resin, hygienic, car park decking, polished concrete and many more.

The different types of floorings that Deccon Ltd offers are made with the highest degree of technology. For example, kitchens, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies and various other organizations or locations use the hygiene flooring because it prevents the growth of bacteria. This is important for those working in these atmosphere as well as those receiving the products. This flooring meets all of the standards for cleaner work areas because of the anti-bacterial additives that are put into the flooring as it is being installed.

For anyone looking for a company that can install a complete flooring system, repair floors, or even design custom floor system according to the needs of the company, Deccon Ltd is the company to contact. Their website goes through all of the details of each type of flooring and which sectors that they have worked for. Their team has an abundance of knowledge and experience that they put to use every day.

About Us

Deccon Ltd offers the best variety and highest quality of flooring services and contracts. They always give the best prices for the work involved and will advise you as to the most suitable flooring system and designs. They use the top branded products such as Siko, Resdev, and Tremco and the most advanced equipment while working for you.

For the most professional and highest quality flooring services, visit Deccons website to see what they have to offer.

Contact Details

Website: http://www.deccon.co.uk

Email: enquiries@deccon.co.uk

Phone: 01244 394 238

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