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The BaR, a sensory experience created by Maurizio Marcato and Simone Micheli

Press Release: December 16, 2016

A new artistic project will feature the work of Maurizio Marcato, italian photographer and winner of many international awards. He will be involved with his photographic art in the architectural restyling of a famous italian landmark - Caffè del Borgo - in collaboration with the architect Simone Micheli.
The café, entirely requalified by the creative, innovative spirit of these two professionals, is located in the Ventura - Lambrate district of Milan, and will become a sophisticated, elegant destination. It will be called “The BaR” and will be the center of attraction for the area. Previewed during the Fuorisalone (Milan, 12-17 April 2016) at the “Simone Micheli Studio - Gallery”, “The BaR” project will go into construction early in 2017, but visitors to the exclusive Milan exhibition have already been able to explore the site in interactive mode thanks to the fascinating technological tool of Augmented Reality.
The tables at “The BaR” will be embellished with the extraordinary photographs by Maurizio Marcato that will have the effect of calling the attention of passersby, drawing them together and allowing them to meet. The atmosphere will be comfortable, with a strong immediate impact, where colors and settings complete and accentuate one another. Maurizio Marcato has created unusual snapshots, inviting the viewers to a profound reflection on the importance of communication in our times.
“I wanted to represent the existential situation of mankind, forced into a glass prison, a transparent but unbreakable barrier” says the photographer, describing how he came up with the creative concept of the project. “Just as in a coup de théâtre that gives a sudden and unexpected new twist to the theatrical narration, my photographs are supposed to shock the customer who stops to drink a cup of coffee. I want him to observe our society, and how it is losing its cultural identity. People are imprisoned, staring out with their hands pressed on the surface of the table, illustrating the force of the contemporary individual’s desire to escape”. Maurizio Marcato and the architect Micheli have already cooperated many times in the past on a number of projects.
The artist’s photographs exhibit an intense expressive energy, a mixture of claustrophobic agony and yearning vitality, a dynamic contradiction he believes is intrinsic to the human condition, and which Maurizio Marcato

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