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The awe-inspiring endeavour of ‘News Patrolling’ that should inspire budding journalists

Press Release: August 28, 2019

Human mind and journalism are pretty akin to each other. Prosperity of the both is dependent upon honesty, clarity, and rigorous questioning. A dumb mind that doesn’t questions can never discover anything significant. Similarly, journalism that doesn’t questions is a mere farce. How about when people with clarity in mind and vision do journalism? The answer is simple; it hits the mass. And, NewsPatrolling.com is a perfect example of the same.

It’s simply envious and exemplary the way NewsPatrolling.com has managed to witness success that is a dream for many. Staying ahead of stereotypic cocooned approach of remaining under the aegis of influencing political parties, doing insane bootlicking, preaching, etc, News Patrolling simply had one thing in mind; i.e. to pursue their passion. In fact, it all started with simply blogging back in June, 2013 with a sheer passion of writing and expressing. Journey from then to their logo being displayed over prestigious NASDAQ 7 Storey screen in New York, has been enthralling and thoroughly encouraging. News Patrolling has proved that in a digital era, one doesn’t really need the excuses of lacking sympathies or being suppressed by corporate, lobbies, lutyens, or political spearheads. Facebook at least had a garage, a roof above their head to sit and to gather a team; in case of News Patrolling, they connected digitally. It was impossible to afford high-end resources, technologies, snappers, etc, to cover news at ground level. No issues; they hired vigorous self-motivated journalists on freelance basis across the nation to reach the spot and cover the raw truth. What about finance? Having pros of digital marketing in team, they channelled the revenues generated through digital marketing projects to be invested with News Patrolling. People say it takes time to build an empire. But in case of News Patrolling, the span of 5-6 years was pretty enough to establish them as a renowned digital media house.

Moving towards success stories from struggle stories, the list is pretty big. It all started with a bang in Indian digital media arena when their logo was flashed on NASDAQ 7 Storey screen in New York. It was like that perfect thumping effect needed to have an introductory impact and drag attention of contemporary biggies of the same arena. There is no looking back since then; News Patrolling today is the prominent name among the top brands to be the media partner for their event. Be it about being the media partner for Glam Fashion Princess 2019 or of Housefull Home Decor Show by Ramola Bachchan 2018, News Patrolling is everywhere today. They were the media partner of Smart Mobility Summit for two consecutive years 2018 and 2019 in Delhi. News Patrolling is a leading media house in fashion arena as well; they were the media partner of prestigious ZariVaya Fashion Show in Delhi.

Amidst whole of such overwhelming success, what most inspiring is the way they have maintained the dignity of this profession. Even in entertainment arena, where the love affair of stars and paid media is an open secret, News Patrolling has come out as an exception. Instead of glorifying the selected lobbies, they chose to be the media partner of prestigious Global Impact International Film Festival Awards (GIFFA) 2018, which actually acknowledges the quality works.

Having such an inspiring expedition so far, the future endeavours of News Patrolling are expected to be even more illustrious.

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