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THE ART OF RECYCLING at Life’n One Well-being Centre with Mariska Nell

Press Release: January 26, 2018

Where some see empty soda cans and Nespresso Capsules as items that should be tossed into the trash, Mariska sees art. This has led Mariska Nell to be renowned as the recycling queen who converts trash to treasure.

In one of her most recent creations, Mariska immortalizes the treasured memories of renowned comedian and television host, Trevor Noah and in another art piece the memories of a Dubai based radio presenter and his two daughters. She adds an emotional element to both portraits by incorporating in the background materials that both subjects treasure.

“My art captures memories that can be touched. I add depth and texture to the pieces using actual recycled materials. This is often the emotional part of the artwork. I’m excited to be exhibiting at Life’n One Wellbeing Centre; a venue that encourages personal wellbeing and happiness. The pieces displayed at Life’n One Wellness Centre represent very personal stories of my subjects using items that matter to them.” Says Mariska Nell.

Exhibition details:
Dates: 15th - 31st January
Time: 8am – 7pm
Venue: Life’n One Wellbeing Centre
RSVP: info@lifenone.com/ 04 343 6676
Instagram: @LifenOne

About Mariska Nell

Mariska Nell is the artist and Interior Designer behind Design By Mariska. As an artist, Mariska’s work focuses on combining art and recycled materials to create something beautiful. She creates pieces that have been commissioned by her clients as gifts or for their personal collections. Her work is now in the collections of several celebrities and sports personalities. A piece that she created for Surge Water will be displayed in Dubai Sustainable City.

About Life’n One
Life’n One is a well-being center in Dubai founded by Eda Gungor in late 2014. It’s a place to revitalise your mind and body with the help of well-experienced instructors and a community of wellness enthusiasts.

Life ‘n One has variety of wellness programs, a cafe that solely promotes healthy food and drinks, an art gallery, and a shop for creative handy products. Life’n One’s passion and dedication is to bring a positive change to people’s lives.

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