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The Appeal Guru Launched Refund Policy If Seller Account Not Reinstated

Press Release: June 29, 2019

The Appeal Guru is one of the renowned UK based Amazon seller account consultancy service provider. Looking forward to serve the best customer friendly policies, the company announced for 100% refund if the amazon account is not reinstated. This new policy will bring fait and transparency to the customers and improve its service standards, along with giving more convenience.
Services offered to the customers are product rank page one, account profiling, business growth, suspension closure, suspension prevention and courses for seller training. Their team works with utmost enthusiasm to serve a service that is worth to money for every client. The company also decided to optimize the level of expertise in product marketing (SEO) at Amazon.
Keeping in mind all the dissatisfaction, we launch the new policy for full refund in all diverse cases. The company management feels that this new policy will not only provide clarity to customers about its money refund conditions, but will also let the firm strengthen its services and procedures.
The company manager also informed that they target to serve with the 100% reinstatement for any suspension from the Amazon seller team. This helps them to work with a wide number of customers around the world, who contact them immediately for any seller account issues at Amazon. Sometimes it may happen that the product added on seller account causes plagiarism from the seller policies, which lead to a penalty or even suspension. In such situation customers are guided in what they should do to overcome from the penalty.
The management informed that the firm intends to bring transparency in its operations by taking several such steps that can add value to its authenticity. The new money refund policy is a step through which it desires to assure its customers of receiving genuine services.
The company has decided the amount of possible refund according to specific reasons for the service cancellation. In its new policy details, it explains the same to its clients and also provides details on the refund amount in each case. Now, customers will be aware of these policies before they place an order with the company. This will offer them more convenience to decide on availing the company services.
Expert reply to the customer who’re new to sell products on Amazon, then they’re likely to be in the “I don’t know what I don’t know” phase. If that’s the case, they should contact The Appeal Guru’s team and get free advice, which helps you to fill the gaps and became a successful seller on Amazon.

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