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The Al-Nasser University offers some of the best undergraduate degree programs

Press Release: June 10, 2017

Medicine is a specialist course. However, not everyone can get admission into medicine easily. It requires a lot of efforts at the intermediate level to get the required marks to gain admission to the proper courses in medicine. The students have a good choice in the eventuality of not being able to get into the medicine courses. They have the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Pharmacology courses to fall back on.

The best aspect of this University is that they emphasize a lot on practical training. Of course, they have the strong theory lessons as well. By giving more importance to practical training, they take nursing to a completely new level. The students get tremendous exposure to real life situations, thereby providing them an opportunity to become accustomed to the job. This helps them a lot when they graduate. They emerge as fully-trained nurses at the end of the five year course.

Usually, the females opt for the Nursing courses. The males have the Bachelor of Pharmacy going for them. This is an extensive course for five and a half years that has the students absorbing every nuance of pharmacology. The students get ample scope for conducting research activities whereby they learn the art of manufacturing the medicines.

These are two of the paramedical courses available at the Al-Nasser University. In addition they have some of the best undergraduate degree programs in the Finance and Accountancy fields. The greatest benefit of doing these courses at Al-Nasser University is that some of these courses are double degree graduate programs. You get a degree in both Finance and Accountancy in the same time you get one. This makes it all the more attractive.

Many students opt for the double degree courses because it gives them the edge when they graduate out of the university. They get a better market the normal graduates. This University has tie-up arrangements with some of the good universities and institutes in the world. This enables the students to obtain dual qualifications easily. You have the example of a computer graduate getting an addition qualification from Aptech, a top computer programming institute from India. For more info visit http://www.al-edu.com/

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