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The accessory revealing the individual’s personality

Press Release: December 19, 2017

The accessory is generally defined as something complementary or subordinate, of secondary importance, any object intended to complete and accompany a dress.
In reality it is now an element of fundamental importance to characterize one's clothing, because an accessory has the merit of making an outfit different and revealing the personality of the wearer, exhibiting a nuance of style.
On the other hand, many scholars have shown how fashion responds to two social functions: the collective one, and therefore making individuals feel part of a community, and the individual one, which implies the tendency to differentiation, to change, to distinguish oneself from others.
For this purpose various details are used, buying and wearing shoes or a bow tie, a watch, a more particular hat means to present one’s temperament to others, expose itself and decide to show a specific side of the personality, such as a sophisticated or casual one.
You should not think of the combinations as right or wrong, the style must be original and subjective, fashion belongs to the wearer!
In fact, a more colorful pocket square will look good to a more spirited man, while dark braces will be perfect for a man with a more retro style. The important thing is to look for accessories that match and reflect the personality of everyone, objects that define the personality of the wearer.
The choice among the various possibilities of details such as: pocket square, bow tie, watch, belt, shoes, braces, tie, hat, glasses, cufflinks, and many other accessories, does not fall only in the difference between these objects, more or less expensive and precious , but it can range in the color or model of everyone: someone uses a Rolex, but someone else prefers an Iwacht, as well as those who prefer the bow tie to the tie for elegant evenings.
Without these differences all men would be homologated, clothes, although different, however, would make the looks very similar, they would seem flat and impersonal.
So, the watchword is to indulge yourself with accessories, introduce yourself, show your style and make the difference with your details.

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