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The 4Qs: a new framework for frictionless customer experience

Press Release: August 23, 2020

Frictionless customer experience is a phrase that is only now beginning to take flight. In 2018, Amazon released news about AmazonGo as an important step to making their customer experience frictionless. AmazonGo is a chain of brick-and-mortar stores that does not require customers to queue for a cashier after shopping.

Soon after, Walmart announced its plans to deliver a frictionless customer experience by 2022.

Everywhere you look, organizations big and small are trying to reduce friction and remain competitive. During times of economic uncertainty, eliminating friction is crucial for restoring predictable revenue.

This is because friction is an obstacle preventing a customer from making a buying decision. Friction slows the customer from reaching their goal, and equally slows the sale.

In his new book, run_frictionless, entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris proposes a new framework designed to eliminate friction from customer experience. Called the 4Qs, this framework empowers everybody in an organization to make decisions together and predict if the decision is likely to make the next sale frictionless.

The book cites common sources of friction and research which suggest that friction accumulates. This is because customers remember the friction they experience from one interaction to the next. Until one day, a customer, having experienced overwhelming friction, drops-off and is never to be heard from again.

run _frictionless has garnished over 30 positive reviews from founders, sales teams, and business coaches alike.

“a smart framework for the entire go-to-market strategy.”
- Ethan Beute, Author, Host, The Customer Experience podcast

“as I'm reading the book, I'm nodding and saying, yep, yep, yep.”
- Fred Diamond, Co-Founder, Award-Winning Sales Game Changers podcast

Catch the award-winning podcaster and customer experience advocate, Ethan Beaute, delivering his introduction to the 4Qs https://bit.ly/2ZVT4ZT

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