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The 3 Trends Set To Take the Next Generation Mobile App Segment by Storm

Press Release: November 15, 2018

“The future of mobile means a more intricately connected system of applications. The relationship between apps and its users will become exponentially more important to the consumer and business themselves”. These words by Nate Smith of URX correctly sum up the future of mobile apps.
The ubiquitous world of mobile apps is slowly claiming every nook and corner of our technology dependent life. There isn’t a single segment of marketing, as exciting and as evolving, as the mobile space. 3.8 million Apps on Android platform and 2 million on Apple store: the data speaks for itself. Proliferation of Apps have accelerated the need to have an interactive Omni-channel with numerous user touch point like web, Chatbots, mobile, wearable etc.

Remember the year 2008, just ten years ago, when Apple launched its app store and caused a renaissance in the mobile technology world. From initially making just game apps to having a dedicated app for almost everything, mobile apps have come a long way. Informatics Matrix tells the 3 trends that are set to take the mobile world by storm:

1. Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and dependency on Machine Learning:

Siri, Google, Facebook, Pandora have replaced manual searching with programmed discovery. For example, Google maps app automatically generates route, traffic notifications, weather update to assist user in reaching their destination. From self discovering and recognizing your long haul hours as work place to alerting you in case of heavy traffic, Google maps use artificial intelligence to know the user and his/ her requirements. New generation mobile apps with Mobile App Development Company are all about using artificial intelligence to assist human learning to increase productivity and ease life.

2. Using Live Location as Context:

The next generation mobile apps are set to focus majorly on using live location, as a context, to assist the user in various manners. Businesses will have to emphasize more and more on developing apps that cater to their diverse clientele on geo location basis. For example ordering a pizza via app has been made less manual and more automated by enabling self discovery of nearby pizza joints.

Even Starbucks has taken a leap forward, developed its app that generates notification as soon as the mobile user is anywhere near Starbuck’s outlet. We have Top Mobile App Developers to Major E-commerce giants are working vigorously to develop apps that suggest good buying deals based on the mobile user’s live location.

3. On- Demand model:

Think about how Ola and Uber have made our lives easier by rolling out their easy to book taxi apps. This on demand cab facility has made Ola and Uber an indispensable part of our otherwise busy life. Our Professional Web Designers There are push buttons on mobile apps, simply needing the gentle press of your thumb, to order/ pay/ deliver food, over the counter medicine, book movie tickets, pay bills or even shop. You just need to personalize the app by logging in through any of your social media account and set up a payment gateway-! This on demand model of mobile app world is like a remote control that lets you navigate through your schedule effortlessly.

Artificial Intelligence equipped mobile apps, using geo locations, while running on- demand business model are set to take the techno world by storm. We offer Business Consulting Services that need to constantly evolve and keep a tab on updating technology to stay ahead of the game. Fear stagnancy and embrace change to stay upbeat!

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