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The 10 most Googled diets of 2017

Press Release: March 08, 2018

10. The Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet doesn’t include a specific set of meals to follow, it provides a set of guidelines. Primarily, the consumer should eat mostly fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, beans, nuts and legumes, with fish and seafood twice a week. Without any calorie limits, it is more optional and the consumer is left to their own devices to make healthier choices.

9. The Coffee Diet
Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the UK, so the idea of sipping to lose weight would appeal to a large amount of people. Consumers are encouraged to consume a cup of hot black coffee after each meal, before taking a bath and before exercising to increase metabolism. As well as consuming a lot of coffee, you must stick to a lean high fibre diet to coincide with the extra caffeine.

8. The Shepherds Diet
The Shepherd’s Diet is a weight loss biblical breakthrough diet that supposedly allows you to eliminate excess body fat by following the principles found within the bible for health and wellness. The Shepherd’s Diet plan involves listening to God’s command over your body, avoiding the seven deadly sins within the bible. The main goal of this diet plan is to restructure the way you see food and start limiting foods by stopping when you feel full. When you stop eating at the time the body tells you that you are full, you avoid excess calories and slow down fat storage.

7. The GOLO Diet
The Golo diet is a three-part system apparently designed to help you to achieve optimal insulin levels, which in turn supposedly causes weight loss. They claim that people hit insulin resistance and struggle to lose weight as a consequence. It targets a specific recommended cause of weight gain and has created a solution to repair metabolic health causing the consumer to lose weight.
GOLO states that the benefits of losing weight the right way include: reduced health risks, metabolic efficiency and a lower metabolic age, leaving you to look and feel younger and have more energy.

6. Ketogenic Diet Plan
A ketogenic diet is becoming a well-known dieting strategy within the UK and USA, but what is a keto diet and what are the results like?
The keto diet is well known for being a diet containing low carbohydrates, where the body can produce ketones within the liver and used as energy instead of sugars from foods. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and the Kardashians swear by this trending diet, boosting it to rank within the top 10 most Googled diets in 2017. Ketosis is a metabolic process in which the person uses fat for energy instead of the sugar source.
Already accumulating many fans, the low calorie, high fat diet is said to produce more energy, suppress appetite and lose a lot of weight, all while eating heavy cream, butter and bacon.

5. Emily Ratajkowski Diet
Emily has one of the most envied body in showbusiness. The model and actress claims to have a black coffee and a pastry every day and a salad for lunch. Emily loves to have meat within her diet, hates plain foods and takes yoga classes. The model claims to never eat at home, but this may be because of her high-end lifestyle, being social with friends while dining. As most young women look to models as the normal body type, celebrity diets are fast becoming the popular way for people to find new trends and alternatives.

4. The Boiled Egg Diet
The egg diet rose to fame through its claims to lose up to 30 pounds in 2 weeks, as people are forever looking to improve their weight as quickly as possible. The egg diet is a low carbohydrate, low calorie but protein heavy diet. It is designed to help support weight loss without decreasing protein intake needed to build muscles.
The most common side effects of this diet is a lack of energy many people feel after the depletion of carbohydrates making it very difficult to exercise. Shifting your diet to a high protein, low carbohydrate diet will be quite difficult on the digestive system as most people experience nausea, constipation and flatulence.

3. The Tom Brady Diet
In an interview with Boston.com, the 40-year-old quarterback Tom Brady’s chef unveiled the diet plan Tom Brady and his supermodel wife eat to stay in great shape and this information blew up, showing just how effective celebrities are in the world of health and fitness.
Eighty percent of what they eat are fresh organic vegetables and whole grains such as rice, quinoa and beans. The remaining 20 percent is made up from lean meat; organic steak, chicken and wild salmon. Foods they never eat are white sugar, white flour or oils besides coconut oil. They don’t eat coffee, dairy or fungus such as mushrooms.
Although this diet is very hard to follow if you do not have the time to prepare for the diet or have a chef much like the star couple did, this is more of a trend based on media coverage.

2. The Plant-Based Diet
The plant-based diet is a whole food diet centred around whole unrefined plants. The diet includes fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains and legumes and tries to exclude any meat, dairy products and highly refined foods. You may be thinking that the plant-based diet is the same as a vegan diet, but there are some specific differences. Plant based means incorporating more plant products and plant proteins into the diet without eliminating animal products. Eating more plants and cutting back on meat is almost always a beneficial thing when dieting. The higher fibre contents of your diet and vitamin rich plant based foods will increase vitality, boost immunity and benefit digestion.

1. The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
Apple cider vinegar has been around for thousands of years but has recently found its way into the health and fitness market. Being used for detoxification, treating pneumonia and weight loss, some claim the ancient Greeks used it for medicinal purposes.
When it comes down to weight loss, the apple cider vinegar diet is in its own league. Without having to substitute, change diet or fitness, all it requires is consuming a small amount of apple cider vinegar to a balanced diet before or during meals. Partaking in this, apple cider vinegar accelerates the body’s ability to break down nutrients from proteins and fats efficiently from the digestive system, meaning your metabolism is boosted. As the vinegar contains pectin, it can increase a person’s feeling of fullness once they have eaten, lowering the desire to overeat due to its dense fibres.

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