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The 10 Best !BM Solution Providers 2018

Press Release: February 08, 2019

IBM solution providers driving 21st century’s IT Infrastructure
As data has become the prime force behind successful companies, numerous modern enterprises
are utilizing IBM solutions from reputed providers to modernize their traditional IT infrastructures
while taking advantage of multi-cloud architectures and AI applications.
To ease the search of enterprises for best IBM solutions providers, we, the team of Mirror Review
welcomes you to our latest magazine issue, “The 10 Best IBM Solution Providers, 2018”. This
month, we are excited to bring you the best IBM solutions offered by leading companies across the
Featured on the cover of this issue, Edgetec Systems (Pty) Ltd is an innovative IT company and a
platinum business partner of IBM whose mission is to take clients’ businesses to the next level by
achieving increased efficiency through technology. Having a vast experience in the IT sector, the
dedicated personality Dan Naidoo, the Co-founder and CEO of Edgetec provides his support and
offers an opportunity for increased responsibility and continuous learning platform for his
employees. Dan makes all the major decisions to ensure that his team is constantly moving
Edgetec Systems in the right direction.
In this comprehensive edition, you will also find engaging business stories of leading IBM solution
providers, including Tangentia, Projetech, Certsys, Estuate, AppFusions, Comsense, UDTECHS,
Poslovna inteligencija, and Praxis Solutions. These reputed companies are customizing and
building profitable IBM solutions according to the clients’ requirements and helping them to grow
their business efficiently.
We, the team of Mirror Review strive to capture the breakthrough technologies changing the world
for better. We feel fortunate to go an extra mile for our precious readers to give the best from the
world of technologies. Following this approach, we have covered an extraordinary article on one
of the most innovative technologies regarding underwater communications and featured an article
on ethical data mining for modern businesses.
We hope you enjoy this month’s issue, unveiling the great stories of prominent companies.
Happy reading!

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