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“That Which Was Lost: The Deltic Disaster – Part Two” by Jeff Vawter is published

Press Release: August 19, 2019

ISBN #978-1789556148

“That Which Was Lost: The Deltic Disaster – Part Two” by Jeff Vawter is published

About the Book:

Five years on, having just emerged from forced confinement, former Chair of the Deltic Observers and Steady Enthusiasts (DOSE), "Diesel Dan" Settles, must now confront his apparent lack of direction and absence of plan for the rest of his life. There was no going back to what was; the breakers' yards had seen to that.

Join him as he struggles to regain his own sense of dignity and purpose. Will another opportunity to pursue his interest appear, or will he simply have to contend with the reality of life without it?

Excerpt from the book:

“Timothy was late coming in that morning. He had patiently tracked the TDA individually, then collectively, that week, and the evening of the last meeting had followed Shorrts to the hut and waited patiently till they had all departed that following morning. Slinking into the vacant lot, pushing open the flimsy door, and locating a box of matches inside, he tossed the pegged stools outside and set the place on fire, the two-sizes-too-small plastic jacket, the fish and chip papers among the first to burn. “That’s getting them, hey,” he said gleefully as the TDA official hut was consumed in a red, orange and yellow glow. He spared the coal box which had been placed to the left of the structure. Laughing as he left the scene, he remarked out loud to no one in particular, “One shouldn’t leave matchboxes lying about,” followed by, “mind the gap.” A minute later, and the galvanised zinc and wall ‘roof’ fell in, completing the hut’s miserable end.
The fire was never reported by the indifferent denizens who lived nearby. The pegged stools vanished the same morning of the conflagration. A curiously chubby odd man with a black wagon was subsequently seen with his latest treasures, moving slowly down a congested street, seemingly oblivious to the constant vitriol, blare of horns and epithets that were directed at him and his conveyance. Several days later, the coal stove – sole survivor otherwise, and still intact – disappeared to an unknown venue, where it serves its purpose well – to this very day.”

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