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Thames Steel Services Offer Steel Fabrications Drawings for Construction Projects

Press Release: August 18, 2020

Thames Steel Services is now providing a service that most steel providers are unable to offer. Using CAD detailing and 3D modelling, the company can produce steel fabrication drawings for any project.

Thames Steel Services have a fully trained in house team available to create CAD detailing and 3D modelling for any fabricated steel project.

The company boasts 30 years of experience in providing steel fabrication and steel beams throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Taking pride in their excellent customer service, Thames Steel Services continue to add value to local construction projects with their CAD drawing services.

What are fabrication drawings?

A fabrication drawing is a specific form of detail drawing. Many fabrication drawings provide an assembly drawing for assembling steel items following fabrication.

The drawings will also include clearly described notes regarding the stress-relieving and heat treatment requirements used before, during and following the fabrication.

All of the items on a fabrication drawing will be identified by numbered ballons with lines linking to the part. The numbers will identify each part included in the finished build.


The drawings will include a list of the parts required to build the fabrication.

Using the standard BS EN 22553 symbols, the drawings indicate the areas that require welding and details concerning the weld.

The drawings include identification of all the materials according to the required codes and standards.

Why do I need CAD Detailing for steel fabrication?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) detailing is one of the most essential stages in ordering fabricated steel for building and construction projects.

CAD detailing gives the project manager an accurate picture of the parts and materials required in a steel construction project.

The accuracy of the CAD drawings is crucial to getting the steel welded and fabricated on time.

The Steel fabrication drawings will help the engineer to understand each specific element of the design and construction of a project.

The detailing process identifies the sizes of structural steel required as well as the required connections for the build.

Are architectural drawings the same as steel fabrication drawings?

When an architect designs a building, they conceptualise and design the building by using their knowledge of design. This includes overall size, materials to use and finishes.

After the architect completes their drawings of the building concept, it is passed to a structural engineer. A structural engineer will then calculate the structural elements required to complete the build.

These drawings by the architect and the structural engineer need to be used to create the steel fabrication drawings.

In order to complete a steel fabrication job, fabricators need to use steel fabrication drawings.

Using the architects’ drawings or the structural engineers’ drawings alone is not enough information to fabricate accurate steel elements.

How are the CAD Drawings reviewed?

Before a steel fabrication CAD drawing is provided to a construction site it will be reviewed to ensure that it meets a high-quality standard.

Alongside the quality assurance review, a site visit may be required. This allows the engineer to gauge the full scope of the project.

Following the compiling of all the information required to produce the CAD drawings, they are moved to the supervising manager. The supervising manager will provide a final in-house review to ensure the drawings meet the required standards.

The stakeholder has the drawings forwarded for their consideration. At this stage, it is still possible to make changes before the drawings are submitted to a final review.

Once the final review is completed, then the steel fabricating drawings are able to be sent to the construction site.

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