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Tevatel Helps Move Large Call Centers to the Cloud — COVID-19 Rising to the Challenge

Press Release: May 30, 2020

Rising to the Challenge against COVID-19, Tevatel, Asia’s prominent cloud telephony platform (DOOCTI), has worked with several organizations over the last few weeks to move its customer call centers to the cloud and deliver against commitments even as the corona virus pandemic escalated, adding that it has been inundated with client recognition.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have embraced remote working as the “new normal” and are pushing companies toward digital business models. This has particularly impacted their customer-facing teams like sales and support since traditionally they are not remote functions.

For the past few days, Tevatel has worked with healthcare, banks, fintech companies, education startups, NGOs, and BPOs to move their call centers to the cloud. Remote access to Sales and Support was made stronger and more secure with major IT trends such as core modernization and cloud adoption even in the case of organizations that relied on on-premise solutions with minimal to no disruption.

Metropolis Healthcare, India’s key Pathology Lab approved by the government for COVID-19 Test , wanted to move its customer support operations to the cloud to enable their employees to work remotely. With Tevatel, they were able to complete this transition in less than 3 days.

With Tevatel’s remote call center solution DOOCTI, calls from customers can be forwarded to the agent’s mobile phone directly. It is a comprehensive yet simple solution that will work seamlessly even in places where agents face low bandwidth and internet connectivity issues. Since the agents do not have to use the internet for answering calls, there is no fear of a security compromise. This solution also works without any lags and has superior call quality.

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Tevatel is Asia’s leading cloud telephony platform (DOOCTI). Incorporated in <<<2011>>>, Tevatel was co-founded by techies to help businesses modernize customer communication.​

Tevatel’s DOOCTI is a trusted brand for simplified customer communication for more than a hundred customers in India.​

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