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Tesla Nootropics launches ultra premium CBD infused water

Press Release: October 27, 2019

NANOWATER® is unique. Crystal water infused with the highest quality CBD from organic hemp, in an amazing bottle. The CBD is derived from Colorado farms across the Rocky Mountains. Our CBD isolate is processed through nanotechnology to achieve the maximum bioavailability, allowing the beneficial substances to be fully absorbed in the body. AT 99% purity, our full spectrum organic hemp CBD extract is non psychoactive, providing the body with the numerous benefits of the cannabis plant as well as energizing vitamin B12.

Our CBD isolate originates from American organically grown phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) help. Our cannabinoids are tested, packaged and processed in the great state of Colorado, known to produce one of the highest quality hemp in the world.

A truly superior CBD Isolate: Our registered industrial hemp produces naturally over 18% cannabidiol on average. Compare this to true industrial hemp that produces less than a fraction of a percent on CBD. To produce our CBD crystals, we only need to remove 20-30% of the plant material - unlike our competitors who start at 2-10% CBD and have to remove 90-98% of plant material over and over again (which significantly weakens the CBD molecule).

Because of our high CBD hemp plant starting material and our gentle refining process, our CBD isolate molecules are nor damaged or weakened by any harsh solvents, chemicals or grueling refining process.

As a result, our CBD isolate has a much longer shelf life, is molecularly stronger and is less susceptible to degradation from light and heat.

If you know CBD you will appreciate the superiority of NANOWATER.

We are actively now looking for exclusive distributor in the US and globally.


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