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Termite Proofing – Effects And Benefits

Press Release: December 11, 2020

The long term solution to the problem of termites, insects and pesticides in any kind of property is Termite Proofing. That being the simplest definition, many remain confused about ‘what is termite proofing’ and its impact before opting for it. In this blog post, ITEM Secure one of the best termite control service provider in India explains the effects and benefits of termite for both residential buildings and commercial plazas.

Termite Proofing is a precautionary measure that protects properties from termite attacks. ITEM Secure offers three kinds of termite proofing service across India-

  • Pre-construction treatment
  • Post-construction treatment
  • Anti termite treatment in construction

All the types of termite proofing services are very distinct and different. While involves simple application of insecticide solutions, back-fill soil treatment, peripheral soil treatment; in others holes are drilled, filled with the solution and sealed for effective results. 

Termite proofing can also be done on specific material like wood or particular Indian termites like cockroach. If dreaming of a Termite Free Home in India, contact ITEM Secure.

Termite Proofing can be done in any time of the year without much in advance preparation. The cost of termite proofing depends on location, size and extent of termite manifestation. It is important to research and choose the right termite proofing company in order to benefit your space from best termite proofing service. Termite proofing can be done on private and commercial properties. Discuss the project and extent of current termite manifestation correctly with the termite proofing service provider before finalizing on the date of termite proofing.

When planning to do termite proofing, one of the trusted service providers for termite proofing in India is ITEM Secure. ITEM Secure originating from Gujarat has been offering services for Termite Control in India for years now using advance technology and experienced engineers.

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