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Terminal Blocks Along With 3 Popular Types Used In India

Press Release: December 08, 2020

Terminal Blocks connect wires, circuits or a system unit together and play an important role in automation control systems field wiring and panel mounted equipment. Terminal blocks are available in many shapes, sizes, ranges, ratings and varieties. Even till sometime back terminal blocks were referred to as screw terminals.

The bodies of terminal blocks are usually made of thermoplastic material noted for high insulation, inflammability, and track resistance. They usually contain a diode for reverse polarity in between circuit. Some also have LED indicator light that cross verifies availability of light in device.

In this blog, let’s quickly learn about two popular types of terminal blocks produced by Elmex – one of the best clamp manufacturers in India:

PCB Terminal Blocks

PCB terminal blocks vary from pitch 2.5mm to 10.0mm. PCB terminal blocks are shock resistant, have simple assembly and are easy to arrange. PCB terminal blocks can be easily integrated with cage spring and leaf spring wiring technology. An alternative to use instead of PCB terminal blocks is PCB screw terminal block.

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Clamp Terminal Blocks                       

Clamp Terminal Blocks are high-density blocks that facilitate secure and durable wire connections. Clamp Terminal Blocks by Elmex minimize troubleshooting, have high performance and reduce wiring time. There many types of Clamp Terminal Blocks available in Elmex.

Screwless Terminal Blocks

Elmex also offers screwless terminal blocks that offers lesser wiring time. This eliminates the time consuming task of opening screw and tightening it. Elmex abides by good engineering techniques to design and develop screwless terminal blocks that are in high demand in the market. Stainless steel is used to manufacture screwless terminal blocks with higher relaxation resistance, durability and strength.

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