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Termilally ill 13 year old Charlie the boxer and his bucket list

Press Release: March 22, 2019

Charlie is a 13 year old boxer who recently arrived in our care at Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue.

Charlie came to us having spent a substantial period of time in a home where his needs were not being met. He was extremely underweight, falling over and passing a lot of blood in his urine. Once we collected Charlie he was taken to the vets that day where they immediately began investigations. After various blood tests, scans and urine analysis, he was sadly diagnosed with cancer of the bladder as well as having many other Lumos and bumps which were also confirmed to be tumours, unfortunately due to his age and condition it sadly isn't an option to treat it. The vet has given Charlie and estimate of around 8 months maximum, but as his symptoms have been showing for quite a while before he came into our care, it is sadly likely that he may only be here for a matter of weeks rather than months.

Despite his terminal diagnosis, Charlie is in great spirits, he is now on a good diet, is gaining weight and is a lot stronger on his legs! He is eager to get out and about and investigate the things he has missed out on previously.

Charlie now lives at home with Nicky, the founder of Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue, who has put together a bucket list for him, as it is important for any dog, that alongside food, shelter, love, and comfort, some of the needs of a friendly happy dog include the freedom to experience the world and a range of different environments, sights, sounds, tastes and people. This is an opportunity that has not been afforded to him previously, and is part of the reason that she has made it her goal to give him happy fun days out, as well as different food and social experiences that he has not had in his life in recent years. He is of course terminally ill but is still at a stage where he is perfectly capable of enjoying life and all it has to offer, including some of the things he has missed out on previously.

Some of the things on Charlie's bucket list include:
•A visit to a police/fire station which he has done both of!
•To have a birthday party
•To win a competition
To have a trio to the beach g done!
•To have a photo shoot - done!
•To have go on a doggy date
•A steak dinner - done multiple times!
Plus lots more adventures for him to enjoy.

We are not in the habit of placing any dog in situations which they do not enjoy, so the bucket list has been put together purely for Charlie to be able to experience the things he enjoys most, which are human interaction, investigating new places and most importantly - food!

Charlie also has his own Instagram account @charlies_bucketlist where he has many followers from all around the world, they have sent him hundreds of gifts and cards wishing him well!

Once the time does come where Charlie needs to leave us, then we will make sure he is at home, surrounded by love and comfort, knowing he has lived the best he could have ever dreamed of in the short time he has been with us.

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