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TensorPort – An ideal machine learning cloud platform for machine learning teams

Press Release: September 04, 2017

TensorPort is a machine learning platform ideally designed by AI researchers to organize the TensorFlow projects. The machine learning teams who need a cloud platform to run their projects should prefer to TensorPort. It is ideally designed with great scalability and flexibility will definitely work over your needs. This tool will allow you to create projects, create datasets, create jobs, view jobs and much more functions. This platform will help you develop your TensorFlow project easily, quickly and at the lowest price.

A project needs repository of code containing models and datasets containing labeled data to be used to create a final project. You can add, share, edit, versioned and can do many other things with your project through deep learning platform. There are several benefits of TensorPort for the machine learning teams. Moreover, this tool is exclusively designed for the increased needs of machine learning teams. TensorPort is the flexible platform that supports to every size of project you may have.

Here at TensorPort, you will be able to organize your TensorFlow projects with no hassle. However, it is a challenge for common machine learning researchers to learn big models from huge amount of data so they can do this smartly with TensorPort. It works with TensorFlow which is an open-source software library for machine intelligence. This powerful AI platform will give you chance to ensure safety of your data. If you misplace your data then don’t worry and TensorPort store your files and maintain the maximum quality.

If you are looking to streamline your TensorFlow projects and want a robust machine learning cloud platform then only prefer TensorPort. It is the AI platform for machine learning teams to easily organize and manage the projects.

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