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Tensar International Rolls Out TriAx Geogrid in the Americas Triangular Grid Structure Shapes Next Generation Technology

Press Release: January 21, 2010

Successfully introduced in Europe in 2007, Tensar TriAx Geogrid is a product of six years of rigorous development. It complements Tensar Biaxial (BX) Geogrid, the worlds first commercially available polymeric grid for civil engineering applications, pioneered by the company more than 25 years ago. This new, breakthrough technology has already garnered a number of awards including Product of the Year at Civils 2007, the United Kingdoms largest civil engineering exhibition; a gold medal at the International Building Fair, Central Europes largest, held in Brno, Czech Republic; and a gold medal at Autostrada 2008 in Kielce, Poland.

Tensar TriAx Geogrid harnesses the multi-directional properties of triangular geometry, one of natures most stable forms, to provide a new level of in-plane, radial stiffness. With its square-edged rib shape and deeper rib profile, TriAx Geogrid confines aggregate to form a stabilized composite layer that even outperforms Tensar BX Geogrid reinforcement. And its hexagonal junction shape ensures superior junction strength with 100% junction-to-rib efficiency. These features enable TriAx Geogrid to optimize the component thicknesses of aggregate and asphalt for paved applications and granular fill for unpaved applications, resulting in initial construction or reduced life cycle cost savings.

Research indicates that Tensar Internationals Spectra Roadway Improvement System featuring TriAx Geogrid can reduce asphalt quantities by 15% to 30% and aggregate base/subbase requirements by 25% to 50%. In addition, it can extend maintenance and rehabilitation intervals, increasing the service life of flexible pavements up to five times. The result: initial and life cycle cost savings that can far surpass conventional alternatives. TriAx Geogrid truly represents the next generation of geogrid technology. We believe that it will vastly improve the benefits of geogrid in roadway applications, said Joe Cavanaugh, P.E., Tensar Internationals Vice President of Global Technology. Were proud to have developed it, and we look forward to introducing its superior performance capabilities to The Americas.

For more information including a brochure and product samples, visit www.tensarcorp.com/TriAx or contact your Tensar International sales representative.

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