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Ten essential London iPhone apps including the first London Taxi app

Press Release: February 11, 2010

TubeExits - £2.99
Use tube exits to know exactly where to stand to minimise your time fighting the crowds off a busy platform. A decent app overall, easy to use, but I personally enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy tube station in the morning maybe thats just me? This ones probably more for the commuters, and extremely organised tourists.

London Bus - £0.59
There are so many apps available that help connect you with the Tube, bus and DLR networks but this really is the definitive guide to taking transport around London, including getting to your nearest bus stop wherever youve ended up. Definitely a must have.

Opentable / Squaremeal - Free
London is clearly a mecca for foodies, but its difficult to decide which are the best restaurants, and which will fit into your budget. Both of these popular apps provide a booking and review services and will help you find the best spots, or at least the ones that other people have recommended. Ultimately we couldnt decide which one to include, so we went for both!

Streetcar - Free
This is a simple car hire app, except you have to be a subscriber to their program, and as such it does mean that tourists will probably not be able to use this. However, as a Londonder if you need a hire car at short notice the Streetcar app, which enables you to hire cars on the move from over 1,000 locations across London is definitely a good bet.

Time Out - Free
For so long Time Out magazine was the Londoner's bible, and then along came the website, and suddenly it became even easier to find the best local nights out and quiet spots (at least until Time Out get hold of them) around town. This is a logical and easy to use extension, and gives you a great way to read up on whats happening on your route home. Ultimately, its the bible and its free need we say more?

London A-Z - £9.99
Every Londoner carries one (or at least the organised ones), its the classic London streetmap but its on your phone. Granted the major problem with this is that it is very expensive for what is essentially a map, and is available in cheaper alternatives, London Map and Imapspro London. However, there is something neat, tidy and easy to use about this one gone are the days of spending 15 minutes searching through the street listings to identify where you are, and where you should have been 15 minutes ago. I guess if you can get over the extortionate price then this could be the London Map app for you.

Metro - Free
London wouldnt be London without hundreds of free newspapers strewn randomly about the place. With this app you can read the latest newspaper editions and breaking headlines, even if you don't manage to pick up the paper. Its definitely the environmentally friendly way to read to London news, and with the iPad on the way its probably worth getting used to the online format now.

National Gallery - Free
For the culture vultures among us this well respected app will help you make the most of your visit to the (also free to visit) National Gallery. It guided me straight to the caf without any problems! But if you really like to know more about the fantastic art then take a little more time, and download this before you head into the hallowed halls of the National Gallery.

Stella Artois Le Bar Guide Free
Anyone who knows anything about memorial fountains knows that we Brits love a pub crawl. So surely having an augmented Reality Bar Crawl of the Capital in the palm of your hand is the ultimate necessity in London? Unfortunately this is currently only available in the US store, but it does have London bars listed, and due to hit the UK soon. So if youre an American tourist partial to a drink or 2 in some of Londons favourite boozers this is definitely worth packing for your trip!

So I think weve covered all aspects of London life havent we?? Well, no actually afterall Londons a big city, the Tube only runs until about 12.30am, and the nightbuses can be a slow, and less than comfortable, so I guess people might want to know about the other major transport option around London The Black Taxi, surely there should be an app for that too..?

London Taxi 59p
During our research, we noticed there were no iPhone apps that provided information on the iconic London Hackney Cab. With roughly 200,000 taxi trips in the city per day, we think taxis are being overlooked by iPhone developers. To address this gap in the market we developed the London Taxi Fare app, a taxi fare calculator that will estimate the fare, distance, time and route for your taxi trips to help you plan your journeys around London. You are able to simply input your trip details either by postcode, by selecting your current location, or by choosing from an extensive list of preset London points of interest including airports, tube, train stations, famous landmarks and tourist attractions.
Designed to support the use of Black cabs by helping people make informed choices, and have the right cash handy for the journey, avoiding the traditional late night ATM stop on the way home. This app is a great addition to any commuter or tourists London app toolkit.


Notes for the Editor
For more information please visit us at http://londontaxiapp.blogspot.com or follow us on twitter at London_Taxi_App. Alternatively head straight to the App Store to purchase the app for just 59p http://itunes.apple.com/uk/app/londontaxi/id353591595#
London Taxi App is developed by Tim Edwards and Stephen Knox. To get in touch with us directly you can email us at london.taxi.app@googlemail.com, or call 07967 476643.

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