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tellows Study about Spam Calls – Colombia has the Highest Reporting Rate

Press Release: November 23, 2018

Telephone fraud and rip-offs are still a very relevant issue. To be informed about a dubious phone number in advance, the internet offers good opportunities to share personal experiences about dangerous callers with others. Every day, tons of different ratings for phone numbers are submitted online to warn other people. Recently, a study has been conducted at www.tellows.co.uk, a community for reverse phone number search, about user activity and the willingness to share a caller rating.

To carry out the study, the analysed countries were divided into three different categories according to the spam report level: communicative, active and passive group.

As the results show, Colombia is by far the most communicative country and rates the most numbers in relation to the search requests, whereas in Brazil just a few ratings are published. Other communicative countries are Mexico, USA, Canada, Indonesia and Switzerland.

The following countries belong to the active group: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and Venezuela. These communities report less spam calls than in the communicative group.

The study also investigated whether people rate a phone number from the traditional desktop website or via mobile devices. Over 50% of all submitted ratings in nearly all countries were shared via mobile devices, and the trend is rising. The pioneer in this progression is Saudi Arabia.

More information: https://blog.tellows.co.uk/2018/11/tellows-study-colombia-has-the-most-communicative-users/

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