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Tellows publishes 2nd edition of their magazine

Press Release: December 19, 2018

There is an increasing rate of telephone fraudsters who try to pull the money out of the pockets by making a scam phone call. The most famous tricks include proclaiming alleged victories in various sweepstakes or a call from a fake Microsoft support who wants to remove a malicious code by accessing the computer. Even the so-called ping calls, which want the called person to call back, associated with high costs, are among the best-known strategies of these fraudsters. To keep track of these and more tricks, the platform www.tellows.co.uk, on which users can post information on unknown numbers that called them, has released a new 2nd edition of their magazine with tips and tricks of the phone scammers and how to be protected against unwanted calls. The 1st edition of the magazine was published in 2014 and can list 150.000 downloads.
The magazine includes above all the variety of common fraud methods like PPI, Vishing, Call back scam etc. and clarifies the legal situation. It explains how to report a scam. The main focus is on the presentation of concrete solutions to protect others against telephone fraud. In addition, current statistics and experiences of fraud victims are published.
The tellows magazine is an e-book, which is available as PDF. Also, it is completely free of charge. If you want to download it, click here: https://www.tellows.co.uk/c/about-tellows-uk/the-tellows-magazine-for-the-uk/.

More information: https://blog.tellows.co.uk/2018/12/finally-it-is-out-our-new-magazine/#more-2160

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