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Televisions.com reviews the Sony KDL-55 X 4500

Press Release: February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010 Televisions.coms test team utilized its invaluable experience garnered over the years and used objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to test the Sony Full HD KDL-55 X 4500 TV. The Sony 55 inch LCD TV outclassed competition by a fair mile scoring 7.4 points on a scale of 10 in the Editors Rating category.

The review waxes eloquent about the array of features provided with the television set that establish new benchmarks such as the hybrid digital tuner (DVB-T/-C), huge contrast ratio, relatively lower power consumption, accurate colours and crisp motion. The only areas that the test team felt needed improvement were the pronounced dependence on viewing angles and the blurry 576i/p video via HDMI. Televisions.coms editor in chief, Florian Friedrich said: The Sony KDL-55 X 4500 does what no LCD TV has done before by providing the highest contrast possible while also maintaining low power consumption.

The later part of the review describes the state-of-the-art features of the TV that position it as the choicest buy. The multimedia capabilities of the 55 X 4500 include a USB port for image and music playback; and a digital media port that allows connection of docking stations for mp3 players like the iPod allowing it to be controlled by the TVs remote. The Sony 55 incher makes for great everyday viewing owing to the clearly visible Level 2.5 Teletext and the easily understandable and lucid Electronic Program Guide (EPG). The wide assortment of picture tuning options would leave an expert user very satisfied. T

The review lavishes praise on the Sony for implementing the local dimming technology, that it pioneered, in the KDL-55 X 4500 leading to higher contrasts and lower power consumption. Along with the huge 55 inch screen diagonal, the Sony also packages a hybrid tuner for DVB-C, DVB-T and analogue TV. The test team was extremely pleased with the local dimming in the Sony LCD TV which incorporates LED backlighting providing better lighting and energy efficiency. The test team recommends the cinema picture mode for the most natural of pictures. The review states that the Sony has the capability to tease out excellent pictures even from Scart-RGB signals and the TV set provides a maximum contrast ratio 3000:1 even without the local dimming enabled which is a record in itself.

The test team labels the Sony KDL-55 X 4500 as the best LCD TV till date reproducing day and night shots with equally accurate efficiency. The 55 X 4500 also boasts of the best in class speakers that play music and speech with equally good clarity while providing a decently broad stereo panorama. The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the TV that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre.

Florian Friedrich said: The Sony KDL-55 X 4500 sets a performance and feature level that is difficult for other flat panel LCDs to match and makes it an ideal Televisions set for prospective buyers looking for a complete cinematic experience.

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