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Televisions.com reviews the Sony KDL-40 V 5810

Press Release: February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010 Televisions.coms test team draws on its extensive and credible experience to review the Sony KDL 40 V 5810 leveraging subjective analysis coupled with objective laboratory measurements. This potent blend enables the testers to rate a 7.7 out of 10 points for the 40 inch Full HD Sony LCD TV. The review waxes eloquent about the TVs impressively high contrast ratio, neutral colors, accurate 24p reproduction and the universal tuner (including CI+).

The combination of first-rate features, images with rich contrasts and color consistency attribute the TV with a decent Editors Rating. The reviewer has voiced slight criticism for the TVs poor motion clarity with standard signals and the lack of a full set of aspect-ratio settings. Televisions.coms editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich said: The Sony KDL-40 V delivers and at first glance seems to rival bigger and better models and is a good buy.

The later part of the review also showers praise on the multimedia capabilities of the TV with the USB and network connections providing brilliant photo-playback capabilities with the surprise display of even the camera metadata if present. State-of-the-art picture correction techniques find favour with the reviewers along with the CI+ DVB-C tuner meeting latest standards.

The remote control is almost perfect, the only exceptions being the awkward placement of the picture format button at top of the device and the omission of the back button. The accurate scaling of cable and satellite pictures with a high degree of detail when coming from a digital tuner are impressive. Sonys obvious attempt to cut costs by omitting the 100-200 hertz technology leaves a blemish on the otherwise pristine picture quality by attributing a blur to fast moving pictures such as in sports broadcasts.

The review speaks highly of the superb quality of Blu-ray and HDTV signals from satellite receivers reproduced with sharpness and scaling exceeding expectations. The reviewers also claim that by lowering the backlight settings to half, the power consumption can be considerably reduced. The TVs colors are praised highly in the review with minor deficiencies found only when compared to higher end benchmark models. A list of ideal settings is provided in the review that allows users to customize realistic playback of HDTV/Blu-ray material through the HDMI interface in a darkened environment: these settings were arrived at by professionally calibrating the TV in the test theatre of Televisions.com. The high quality picture had Friedrich impressed: The impressive picture depth, superb black reproduction and true colors rank this TV high among its contemporaries.

More information can be viewed at: http://www.televisions.com/tvs/sony-televisions/sony-lcd-tvs/Sony-KDL-40-V-5810.php

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