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Televisions.com reviews the Sharp LC-52 DH 77 E

Press Release: March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010 The test team at Televisions.com harnessed its extensive experience in the field of consumer electronics to test the Sharp LC-52 DH 77 E using cutting edge objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis. The 52 inch Full HD Sharp LCD TV scored 7.4 points on a scale of 10 points in the Editors rating category. The review praises the Sharp TV for its superb reproduction of 24p material, rich contrast and accurate colours while also pointing put deficiencies like low motion clarity, no format switching for HD signals, weaknesses in defining finer details of HD signals, miserable sound and slight humming noise during operation. Editor-in-chief of Televisions.com, Florian Friedrich said: The Sharp LC-52 DH 77 E is excellent for everyday viewing and provides decent a picture.

The later part of the review tries to shed some candid light on the features of the Sharp LC-52 DH 77 E by describing its multimedia capabilities supporting JPEG images and mp3 music. The remote control is well laid out with clear labeling. The test team seemed happy with the ambient light sensor that keeps the power consumption within limits. The review expresses a negative feedback about the lack of format switching for HD signals for 4:3 letterbox pictures. The test team recommends the Movie Mode which provides the best picture and can be activated through a button in the middle of the remote control. The review recommends switching off the noise filter and turning down the colour saturation which then provides correct differentiation, sharpness and skin tones.

The Scart input defines a sharp picture. The test team was impressed with 576i signals arriving via the HDMI which display perfectly even for camera pans. The 100 Hz technology does not prevent the blur in dark pictures. TV reviews advises against using the Advanced film mode as they destroy slight judder which gives the films their authentic look, as well as making the complex scenes look less sharp. The 52 incher provides a well balanced HDTV picture which provides night time pictures with impressive depth. The test team was satisfied with the extensive colour management settings provided which would make expert users happy. The sound from the Sharp 52 incher is woeful with voices sounding coarse and undefined due to the lack of bass and fundamentals. Also the review states that some of the backlight settings produce a buzzing sound that is clearly audible in quiet surroundings. The review then goes on to provide an ideal list of settings derived by the experts at Televisions.com in their test theatre that are ideally suited for processing Blu-ray/HDTV signals in darkened environments.

Friedrich said: The Sharp LC-52 DH 77 E is a good buy if youre considering an everyday TV. The poor motion clarity and limited capacity tuner might put you off. But its an impressive big screen TV at its cost of around 1000 GBP.

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