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Televisions.com reviews the Sharp LC-46 LE 700 E

Press Release: February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010 The test team at Televisions.com harnessed its extensive experience in the field of consumer electronics to test the Sharp LC-46 LE 700 E using cutting edge objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis. The 46 inch Full HD Sharp LCD TV scored 7.4 points on a scale of 10 points in the Editors rating category. The review praises the Sharp TV for its decent reproduction of 24p material, excellent contrast and energy efficiency while also pointing put deficiencies like violet and pink colour tints, low motion clarity; imperfect detail resolution in HD signal, strong dependence of picture on viewing angle and lack of uniformity. Editor-in-chief of Televisions.com, Florian Friedrich said: The overall package is excellent considering the price that it is being offered at and the user friendly features and high contrast make it an ideal everyday TV.

The review, in the later part tries to shed some candid light on the features of the Sharp LC-46 LE 700 E by describing its multimedia capabilities supporting JPEG images and .mp3 files as falling short of expectations. The remote control is up to standards set by reviewers with an eco button and aesthetic placements overall. The only grudge here is the lack of aspect ratio switching for HD signals and the swivel stand. The reviewers found that the Sharp TV was very suitable to everyday viewing with an intelligently incorporated back button to switch between channels and a well designed menu that lets users know the current frame rate and resolution. The Sharp let the reviewers down with its inability to store saved settings for each input which increased the tedious task of having to reconfigure the setting each time the input was switched. The TVs picture quality for all signals is acceptable with digital and satellite signals providing better quality and the Movie preset doing most justice to colours and the picture quality. The review states that even though the Sharp LC-46 LE 700 E uses the 100 Hz technology the dark areas of picture blurs thus providing poor motion clarity. The accurate signal processing for Scart-RGB and HDMI-576i provide good detail definition and does not suffer from flicker. The reviewers found that the Sharp TV displayed dark areas effectively with the impressive 2600:1 contrast ratio without local dimming. Yet the lack of uniformity and the strong dependence on viewing angles is unnerving. Also the reviewers found that irrespective of the seating position the left side of the screen shone brighter than the right side. The review then goes on to provide an ideal list of settings derived by the experts at Televisions.com in their test theatre that are ideally suited for processing Blu-ray/HDTV signals in darkened environments.

The built in speakers were a major let down for the reviewers with only the digital and analog audio inputs being the saving grace. Friedrich said: For the average day-to-day TV viewer the Sharp LC-46 LE 700 E 46 inch full HD LCD TV is an ideal buy with low power consumption and excellent contrast. The advanced users might find flaws that would put them off quite a bit.

More information can be viewed at: http://www.televisions.com/tvs/sharp-televisions/sharp-lcd-tvs/Sharp-LC-46-LE-700-E.php

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