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Televisions.com reviews the Samsung PS-58 P96 FD

Press Release: February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010 The highly skilled team at Televisions.com used objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to test the Samsung Full HD PS-58 P96 FD Plasma TV. Scoring 5.8 points on a scale of 10 in the Editors Rating, the Samsung 58 incher just about meets the editors expectations. The review praises the television set because of the duration it has existed and the comfortable price tag for the screen size it offers in addition to judder free 24p reproduction, impressively rich HD picture, and excellent TV tuner pictures. The review points out the areas which didnt let the TV gain fame in spite of its prolonged existence such as limited daylight suitability, perfect colours only for HDMI-RGB signals and grey sidebars on 4:3 aspect ratio pictures. Florian Friedrich, Televisions.coms editor in chief said: The Samsung PS-58 P96 FD has its limitations but at the price tag offered and the screen size, accurate 24p reproduction and other features it still has potential due to its fantastic price-performance ratio.

The review, in its later part, described the good features of the TV that have helped it hold its position in the market such as DVB-T (FreeView) and analogue TV receiver, multitude of connections for all peripherals like game consoles, Blu-Ray player, set-top box etc, side based VGA sockets to allow feeding of high definition signals from the PC and other devices. The testing warns against leaving static images on the screen for too long as being a plasma screen would lead to burn in. The reviewers were happy with the swivel stand that was provided with the TV that enabled easy change of viewing angles. Wall mounting though was a different story altogether. The test team recommends buying a separately available wall bracket and employing helpers to balance the weight of the 64 kg TV set.

The reviewers were happy with the comfortable and well laid out feel of the menu but the low response time let them down. A set of neat controls on the side of the TV made the test team happy as it allowed easy accessibility in situations where the remote wasnt available near by. The volume & programme controls light up to enable easy accessibility in the dark but the remote control otherwise is a bit overcrowded at the bottom end. The Samsung PS-58 P96 FD lives up to its tag of being a plasma TV by consuming power befitting its kind and provides satisfactory brightness levels when the ambient light is reduced. The test team found the built-in tuners supplying an attractive picture with the YUV and the S-video inputs providing a better picture then the Scart inputs.

The Grey bars to prevent non-uniform ageing were found by the testing team to be disturbing to the eye. The Movie Plus was highly recommended by the test team for excellent movie viewing. The review states that the TV falls short of expectations on the contrast front producing below par blacks. The later part of the review includes a list of ideal settings that the test team has derived for the Samsung PS-58 P96 FD by testing it in Televisions.coms test theatre that provide optimum picture quality in darkened environments for HDTV/Blu-ray signals thorough an HDMI interface.

Florian Friedrich said: For buyers the Samsung PS-58 P96 FD is still a good buy considering its huge screen size and other various features and its economical price tag.

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