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Televisions.com reviews the Loewe Art 47 SL Full HD+/ 100 CI+ DR+LCD TV

Press Release: March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010 Televisions.com in house team of experts drew upon their cumulative expertise and years of experience to combine objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis in the testing of the Loewe Art 47 SL Full HD+/ 100 CI+ DR+ 47 inches Full HD LCD TV. The Loewe Art 47 SL scored an Editors Rating of 7.6 points on a scale of 10 and the review found it to be an average television set.

The positives of the 47 incher include HDTV Double Tuner, great sound, excellent colours, accurate 24p reproduction, low motion blur and a built in hard disk recorder that allows time shift TV. The test team was let down by the low contrast, lack of depth, unconventional operation and line flicker in the 576i/1080i films signals. Televisions.coms editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich said: With a bright picture that suits living rooms and features that suit everyday use combined with stunning looks, the Loewe Art 47 SL Full HD+/ 100 CI+ DR+ LCD TV is a good buy. But beware of the lack of contrast which would be a major handicap for home cinema.

The review further sheds light on the features of Loewe Art 47 SL. The multimedia capabilities of the TV set were found to be lacking by the test team with only mp3 files and JPEG photos playback supported form a USB stick. There are multiple configurations of this TV set are available as is found to be typical for Loewe. A 250 GB hard-disk allows for 80 hours of TV to be recorded and a double tuner for analogue and digital TV is also provided.

The digital standard of the new era including the encryption standard of CI+ are supported by the double tuner. The test team was highly impressed by the incorporation of a minor set of settings provided which were generally ignored in other contemporary TV sets. The lip-sync delay setting, PALplus decoder for analogue reception which sharpens the picture quality for widescreen broadcasts. The most impressive feature that the reviewers found was that Loewe allowed the configuration of ones own TV set via their website. With accessories and components that are completely in sync with each other, the UK based website of Loewe allows buyers to literally assemble their own TV set. The test team was happy with the sleek looking rolling style menu which looked brilliant though it took some time getting used to.

The degree of user-friendliness is exceptional. The channel sorting was found to be illogical with a confusing attribution of functions to the buttons. With a recorder that allows pause and rewind of live TV and also facilitates simultaneous viewing and recording of channels the days of losing out on TV programs is a thing of the past. The test team advices turning off the noise filters to achieve a decent picture quality and setting the backlight only to necessary levels to restrict the power consumption within acceptable limits. The DMM motion enhancement offers motion clarity better than even Sonys 200 Hz motion technology. The contrast is still an issue. The sound from the Loewe Art 47 SL is impressive with bass and treble alike. The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the televisions that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre for displaying HDTV/Blu-ray signal via an HDMI interface in darkened environments.

Florian Friedrich said: The Loewe Art 47 SL Full HD+/ 100 CI+ DR+ Full HD LCD TV is an excellent buy if the requirement is a TV for everyday viewing in bright living rooms and great sound is necessary. Steer clear if you wish to buy a TV with high contrast for home cinema experience.

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