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Televisions.com reviews the LG 42 LH 4000

Press Release: March 22, 2010

The test team at Televisions.com drew upon all of their expertise to combine objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to accomplish the testing of the LG 42 LH 4000, a 42 inch Full HD LCD TV from LG. The TV scored an average rating of 6.4 points on a scale of 10 in the Editors Rating category. Good colour balance, first rate video processing, accurate 24p, sharp motion, lots of picture settings are some of the plus points associated with the LG 42 incher. The review expressed disappointment at the low contrast, lack of sharpness for tuner pictures and the awkward operation in TV mode. Televisions.com Editor-In-Chief, Florian Friedrich said: The LG 42 LH 4000 Full HD LCD TV is a total value for money package. Except for the low contrast that inhibits home cinema viewing and a few other drawbacks, this TV is a good buy.

The later part of the review then describes the features of the LG television set. With respect to multimedia capabilities, the LG 42 incher boasts of only a USB port that plays back brightly coloured images and mp3 music. The low price explains the absence of an S-Video connector or a Line out port. The test team was impressed with the number of picture controls offered for 10 brightness levels. Separate settings for horizontal and vertical picture along with gamma and non-primary colour settings are present. The review appreciates the clearly laid out menu which provides a clearly laid out display of frame rate and resolution of the current picture. But the test team was dissatisfied with the lack of sensible pre-sorting of channels and the absence of analogue signals from list displayed using the number pad on the remote. The test team was irritated with the TV set shining at full lamp power for Teletext mode. But the handy functionality of the quick view button displaying a list of recently viewed channels made the reviewers happy. The major feature that the LG 42 LH 4000 lacks is the contrast. With a ratio of 1000:1, night time and dark scenes just dont display with any depth and leave the viewer wanting. The low contrast can be subjectively remedied using the Dynamic Contrast setting. Standard definition signals demand the use of the Expert preset which should be the preferred option. The test team found that the Intelligent Sensor mode did not let any changes to be made to the analogue and digital signals. 576i material when displayed via the HDMI interface shows an optimum picture. TruMotion 100Hz feature dispels film judder and double edges but also adds the general artifacts. HD signal playback did not give the test team a chance to complain. The speakers inspire of the lo price tag belt out strong fundamentals making playback enjoyable even at high volumes. TV Reviews then provides a set of ideal settings for the TV that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre for displaying HDTV/Blu-ray signal via an HDMI interface in darkened environments. Florian Friedrich said: The LG 42 LH 4000 is a great everyday TV and also comes at a great price tag and value for money making it a worthy choice.

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