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Televisions.com reviews the LG 42 LG 6100

Press Release: March 03, 2010

March 3, 2010 The test team at Televisions.com drew upon all of their experience to combine objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to accomplish the testing of the 42 LG 6100, a 42 inch Full HD LCD TV from LG. The TV scored an average rating of 6.1 points on a scale of 10 in the Editors Rating category and was found wanting on several counts.

Low maximum contrast, imperfections in HDTV processing, no S-video or headphone connections, weak sound and judder in 24p reproduction put a blemish on this svelte LG TV. The positives that work in its favour are excellent motion picture clarity with the brightness turned down, decent SDTV processing and a superbly sleek design. Florian Friedrich, Televisions.coms editor-in-chief, said: The LG 42 LG 6100 is a mixed bag of features with the elegant and super sleek design as its biggest advantage which makes it a good everyday TV.

The review then describes the features of the LG television set. With respect to multimedia capabilities, the LG 42 incher boasts of only a USB port that plays back high definition low detail images and mp3 music. The lack of network connectivity and digital video capabilities also work against this TV set. The test team found the remote control handset to be slender with a back button to switch between last 5 channels but the switching between channels had a long delay. The LG 42 6100 uses a light sensor that adjust the brightness and colour temperature according to the ambient illumination which also provides for deeper contrasts and better picture. But the test team found the constant display of the automatic adjustments on the screen to be annoying. The review team tested the hybrid tuner on the set and found that it worked for analogue TV and DVB-T but not for digital satellite and cable. The LG 42 LG 6100 also has a Level 2.5 Teletext decoder.

The review recommends the Cinema preset for the most natural picture with the sharpness turned down and turning off the TruMotion technology. The Real Cinema preset allows the 42 LG 6100 to display movies in optimum qualities but TV signals suffer on this setting. The extensive array of colour settings for expert users is a respite. The reviewers were put off by the weak contrast that attributed a lack of depth to the picture during night scenes.

All the 3 HD resolutions suffer from shadows around contrast rich objects. The LG TV also ignores blacker-than-black and whiter-than-white shades which could spell doom for the bright and dark area differentiation. Even with the seven band equalizer, the sound is flat and lacks clarity in speech. Music is also unimpressive due to the speakers facing away from the viewers. The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the Televisions that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre for displaying HDTV/Blu-ray signal via an HDMI interface in darkened environments. Florian Friedrich said: The 42 LG 6100 is a great everyday TV with a superb design that appeals to every buyer and it wont be surprising to find buyers turning a blind eye to its negatives and going for the visual fiesta.

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