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Televisions.com reviews the JVC LT-46 DS 9 BU

Press Release: March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010 Televisions.com expert team combined objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to test the JVC LT-46 DS 9 BU, a 46 inch Full HD LCD TV Reviews. The TV scored an average rating of 6.1 points on a scale of 10 in the Editors Rating category. The review enumerates the positives of the TV as gorgeous design, natural colours and Judder-free 24p. On the down side the poor factory setup, poor quality of sound and no front mounted inputs left the test team disappointed. Florian Friedrich, Televisions.com editor-in-chief, said: The JVC LT-46 DS 9 BU is ideal for home cinema with crisp details, natural colours, fluid 24p playback and excellent looks.

The review goes on to describe the features of the JVC TV set. The test team was highly impressed with the sleek design of the 46 incher which boasts of a 2cm slim screen frame and a depth of 3.9cm which is impressively small for a screen admeasuring 117cm. But the review states that the looks offer a compromise as wall mounting the TV will prevent easy access to the YUV and Scart sockets at the rear of the TV set.

The remote control was found to be well designed and laid out. The only issue that the test team had was that in the Bright preset, the colour temperature of the televisions was too cool and needed major tedious adjustments from the user. The combined tuner in the JVC TV set was found to receive only analogue and DVB-T signals but digital and satellite TV signals would require a tuner to ensure that no signals are missed out. The review also point out the presence of the Teletext decoder that supports Level 1.5 allowing you to display text pages beside the image.

Multimedia capabilities of the JVC cover all the basic connections except for a VGA connection. The test team also was happy that the TV was supplied with a swivel stand but wall mounting would demand a separate purchase of a wall bracket. The review states that the DigiPure mode and the MPEG Noise Reduction functions dont improve the picture and should rather be turned off with the only exception of the colour management functions. The DVB-T tuner produces sharper images but with considerable digital artifacts which cannot be dispensed with even when the MPEG Noise Reduction is turned on.

The DigiPure function can improve some of the DVD playback for enhancing fine details and weak contrast picture. The test team found that the JVC delivered balanced colours overall and an accurate colour temperature. The speakers of the 46 incher were found to be pointing downwards and therefore the sound was disappointing in spite of the Maxxbass feature being incorporated. The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the Televisions that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre for displaying HDTV/Blu-ray signal via an HDMI interface in darkened environments. Friedrich said: The 46 inch JVC LT-46 DS 9 BU suffers from a few drawbacks, but with super sleek looks and excellent picture it still makes a very good buy for home cinema patrons.

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