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TELES MobileControl App Integrates Apple CallKit and Enhances User-Friendliness

Press Release: November 22, 2017

TELES AG has released version 5.0.1 of its MobileControl app. One decisive innovation in this upgrade completely reflects the company’s mission: To make telephoning as simple as possible.

In order to fulfil this aspiration, the Apple CallKit has now been integrated into the MobileControl app. This permits the application to use the telephone interface preinstalled by the manufacturer – resulting in a range of benefits. For instance, to date it was required to purposely switch on the app, in order to be able to make or receive phone calls. Now, following installation, the application already runs in the background, where it consumes less power and is available at all times.

The Apple CallKit contains a further important function: Voice-over IP calls are now on an equal par in terms of their priority and no longer interrupted by incoming (GSM) calls. "It was often the case to date that when you had an important call to make, you’d opt for conventional mobile telephony to do so, in order to avoid any embarrassing moment when your call might get terminated or cut off. A risk like that is now a thing of the past, which is, of course, a major plus. A plus that you also see on your financial spreadsheets – especially when you keep in mind that voice-over IP calls represent the most cost-effective solution available right now, and that by a long shot," Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES AG explained. For him, however, a completely different aspect has proven critical. "With the Apple CallKit, we’ve been able to tap into and exploit all of the benefits and advantages that such cutting-edge technology provides – while at the same time, on a purely visual level, we’re still using the same interface you’ve completely familiar with. And that increases the affinity, the willingness to use this app, incredibly."
The TELES MobileControl App 5.0.1 is available immediately under

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