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Telecoms Cloud launches SMS API

Press Release: August 18, 2015

English Startup TELECOMS CLOUD Further Strengthens Its API Offering by Announcing Outbound SMS Service for Businesses and Software Developers

August 19th, 2015

Expanding the functionality of its “telecoms engine for the Internet of Things and connected devices”, the Telecoms Cloud API today adds outbound SMS to its feature set, giving business customers and software developers the ability to send text messages easily to any mobile handset in the world with just a few lines of code.

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM – August 19, 2015 – Telecoms Cloud Limited today announced the official launch of its highly-anticipated Outbound SMS API, opening up their existing SMS platform to a new audience of software developers and system integrators as well as new reseller opportunities.

Telecoms Cloud's Outbound SMS capability works with every UK mobile network and over 800 different mobile networks worldwide to provide a resilient, highly-available, low-latency delivery path routed directly via Telecoms Cloud's SMSC and sent over SS7 interface to be delivered to the destination network.

Early interest in the SMS API and private beta testing has come from companies in the following sectors:

Banking (account balance/fraud alerts, two-factor authentication)
App-based taxi and private hire firms (arrival alerts)
Price Comparison Websites (renewal warnings, etc.)
Social Media (two-factor authentication and activity alerts)
Online Retailers & Delivery firms (for dispatch/delivery notifications)
Software developers integrating SMS capabilities into their web and mobile apps
Alerts on state change (eg. temperature sensor, safe alarms)
Bulk Messaging & Emergency Alert applications (eg. gas leaks, tidal waves, tsunami warnings)
In the coming months, the company plans to expand its API offering further by opening up more of its network capabilities to the API, adding voice, messaging and data processing features, all available to customers inside one single API.

About the Telecoms Cloud API

Telecoms Cloud provide a REST API, allowing software developers working with any programming language and platform to quickly and easily embed a wide range of powerful telecoms services into their applications, increasing convenience and further lowering costs because all features can be accessed via just one single API.

Telecoms Cloud is radically shaking up the communications world by obliterating the barrier to entry for its customers and hugely undercutting the incumbent operators by opening up possibilities previously available only to those with multi-million pound budgets, with no extra hardware or a network of your own required, and no long contracts to read, sign and post back or onerous network agreements and high volume commitments. As a key part of today's rapid software-development cycles, a developer can conceive an app which requires, for example, outbound SMS functionality, then create a Telecoms Cloud account and begin sending text messages via the API in a matter of minutes and for minimal financial outlay.

With enterprise-grade security, connection over the internet to the Telecoms Cloud API is 256-bit encrypted so customers can be confident that the transfer of SMS text message contents, along with all other data sent to and from the API is safe and secure at all times.

"These are exciting times in the Telecoms industry as it goes through what is undoubtedly the biggest transformation in its history, and we're proud to be at the forefront," said Paul Freeman-Powell, CEO of Telecoms Cloud, adding, "We're getting more and more excited seeing the amazing creativity of our customers in what they're building, and with the Internet of Things really starting to take traction we're seeing our motto - connecting things - becoming more and more relevant every day."

Customers of Telecoms Cloud enjoy a reliable service protected by SLA, made possible by a high-performance and redundant IP network backed up by a total upstream connectivity of over 10Gbps provided by six different Tier 1 providers (Level3, Deutsche Telekom, Interoute, PCCW-BTN, Telia and Tiscali) and a further 6Gbps of connectivity to LINX, LoNAP, SFINX, DEC-IX & AMS-IX. The core (non-telephony) infrastructure which powers the Telecoms Cloud is contained in multiple energy-efficient data centres around the EU, with a PUE of 1.35, all of which hold full ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 and PCI/DSS compliance, and fully comply with the EU code of conduct for data centres.

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For Editors: About Telecoms Cloud Limited

Telecoms Cloud was founded in 2012 by its current owners, Matt Wilson and Paul Freeman-Powell. As a “telecoms engine for the Internet of Things”, The Telecoms Cloud is an API-driven platform which gives software developers an extensive and ever-growing toolbox to incorporate telecoms functionality within their applications, using the Telecoms Cloud’s infrastructure rather than their own hardware and independent network agreements.

Telecoms Cloud also operates a number of autonomous branded websites, accessible by customers with a single account username and password, which showcase some of the possibilities brought about by the API. These include Crosby Fax and Free Fax to Email, the free and paid-for Internet fax services, as well as Record Your Call which allows recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls without the need for extra equipment or mobile apps.


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