Home Telecom Startup Apico Deploys Cloud Infrastructure in Frankfurt, Ensures Stable Voice Services in Europe

Telecom Startup Apico Deploys Cloud Infrastructure in Frankfurt, Ensures Stable Voice Services in Europe

Press Release: September 23, 2015

Apico, an Irish-based startup that leverages its own telecom platform to offer voice communication and messaging services, is rolling out cloud infrastructure in Frankfurt to process and route voice calls. The new server location will provide sterling connection quality for the company’s European clients.

Key parameters driving VoIP call quality for users, including connection speed, lag, jitter, and packet loss, are directly affected by server location. Tests, in fact, have shown that lag clocked at more than 150 ms is considered indicative of a poor connection. With that in mind, Apico settled on locating its new node in Frankfurt, where the central European infrastructure secures a uniform and quality connection for clients scattered across the continent.

Apico is currently preparing to release API access to its global telecom infrastructure, allowing developers to easily embed voice calls and messaging into their web and mobile apps. The company will use the new infrastructure in Frankfurt to support fast and stable interaction between the platform and the apps built on it around Europe.

“Our new node in Frankfurt represents a critical step forward in our push for global cloud architecture,” enthused Apico CEO Sergey Nevstruev. “As cloud communications industry currently stands, apps working on European servers often have to interact with infrastructure on other continents. Needless to say, the closer the communications node is to the app’s server, the better the connection quality will be thanks to faster data sharing. We are building infrastructure in Europe that will let European services working on the Apico platform guarantee their users only the best connections.”

The company’s current servers in Ireland will be reassigned as geographically distributed backups capable of maintaining connection quality if the main infrastructure is overloaded or suffers an unexpected failure.

About the company:
Apico is a cloud communications platform providing APIs for embedding VoIP calls and SMS/text messaging into web, desktop, and mobile apps. Founded by an international team with a background in both traditional telecoms and cloud communications, Apico brings to the table a well-thought-out, reliable, and simple infrastructure service allowing clients to create customized solutions ranging from basic voice apps to enterprise-level scenarios.

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