Press Release: January 20, 2021

What if you could create virtual events that rival in-person events?  TeeVid has redefined the meaning of customization & audience retention.

TeeVid is announcing TeeVid Events, an online solution that enables users to create, produce & broadcast immersive experiences. Creators can easily rebrand the interface with the click of a button & drive audience retention through engaging storyboards. 

The current global reality has caused a massive shift in the ways we communicate, meet, and engage with each other. In the blink of an eye, events, concerts, and meetings were all online and presented in similar unmemorable formats. 

Creators have been challenged to deliver impactful virtual events that stand out from the crowd, leading to a high concentration of unengaging events. In other words, there is ample room for differentiation and a unique approach to engagement and top of mind recall. 

From pre-planning to audience engagement mechanisms, the fully customizable interface enables creators to create an attachment with their audience. Think about the most engaging video experience ever encountered, this can be accomplished and so much more with AR, Animation & Live Video capabilities. 

Founder & CEO of TeeVid, Adi Nathan, says: The suite of production tools including an online production studio & attendee producer panel, enables creators to deliver an unparalleled experience for their virtual audience to capture their attention.

To increase audience retention & interaction TeeVid's producer panel seamlessly enables moderators to select attendees that use the hands up feature to participate with the host on the live stage. Moderators can then manage the stage by dragging & dropping participants into a variety of screen layouts.

Live events can be broadcast across social platforms & branded webpages, generating maximum exposure.  

Why settle with screen share and a powerpoint? 

Branch out from the status quo.

Start by reaching out to TeeVid for a free demo; your audience will thank you. 

Vic DeBernardis



TeeVid’s wide range of capabilities helps brands build a connection with their audience, such as;

  • Web Studio - gives creators access to tools that only video producers have. 
  • VIP - allows moderators to select VIPs to have higher control of the floor. 
  • Multi-Channel Streaming - enables users to stream instantly across branded sites, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Instant Chats - enables broad or private chats. 
  • Schedule - allows all events to be scheduled within the TeeVid platform
  • Fully Customizable - makes branding fully customizable at the click of a button.
  • Producer Panel - facilitates the management of events even while being LIVE.  
  • SDKs - to integrate to any event management software and web event service enabling vendors with deep and tight integration to deliver end to end solutions to their customers & attendees.

Are you ready to create more authentic engagement with your audience? 

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