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Teen Brothers Start Urban Clothing Brand With a Positive Message

Press Release: March 29, 2021

We are constantly bombarded with images of teenagers on Instagram fighting, selling drugs and doing everything but creating a future for themselves. 

However, there are teenagers who are setting positive examples who often get overlooked.

Like Miles and Gray Swift, aka the “Holy Boyz”, who are both fashionable, shy and have a humble disposition. 

When Miles and his brother Gray were just nine years old, they dreamt of starting a clothing line. At 15 years old, Miles and Gray can proudly say dreams do come true. 

They started (HGK) Holy Ghetto Kidz, a clothing line embellishing bright colors and sassy prints with positive and empowering messages for their peers.

Miles and Gray were both influenced by streetwear and they both love hip hop music artist such as Lecrae, Canton Jones and Andy Mineo. They combined these influences with urban styles to artistically express their own realities.

The initial product line of graphic tees and athletic wear represented the vision, and is now expanding into denim, shoes, totes and handbags, jewelry, fragrances and more. 

Miles and Gray develop rough drafts for their designs then assign each to a graphic design artist to create a proof which they then outsource to corporate partners in the US and abroad to manufacture products. 

“We saved our money from allowances and birthday gifts totaling $1,000 to start making t-shirts,” they said. 

Currently they sell only online but the plan is to open brick and mortar stores in Phoenix, Newark and Harlem, New York. 

The company is in negotiations with a production facility in New York to secure a contract for them to handle manufacturing from start to finish, allowing Miles and Gray to focus their attention on original designs and business operations. 

The recipe for the brand’s success is simple: passion mixed with purpose and a natural love for fashion.

The company is at break-even, but is projecting a profit in 2022 with the goal of reaching one million in sales by 2023. Its mission is to give away 50% of its annual revenue to support programs and organizations with causes are directed at helping children and youth.

HGK is not just a clothing brand, it is a mindset based on empowerment, advocacy, and building a social network.

“Holy Wear with Godly Swag”


Notes to editors

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