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Tecom Electronics offers Infrared Thermometer Systems to Public Spaces

Press Release: April 16, 2020

ROSH HAAYIN, Israel - April 16, 2020 - Tecom Electronics, operating in the fields of system integration and smart lecterns for more than 20 years worldwide, has teamed up with DIXION, a German manufacturer of medical equipment for offering infrared temperature measurement system that performs real-time temperature scanning.

The spread of the Corona virus in the world will soon require many countries to implement regulations and laws that will require body temperature measurement at the entrance to public areas, hospitals, airport terminals, educational institutions, universities, shopping malls, office buildings and more.

In order not to waste time preparing organizations, a safe and effective routine must be prepared.

THE Dixion HY-2005B MEASURING SYSTEM OF HUMAN BODY TEMPERATURE, an IR remote human body temperature measurement system has been working successfully for many years, including during the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2003, Ebola in 2014, and the Corona epidemic.

The scan system is already installed at airports, hospitals, terminals and more and allows for quick passage of people without creating "traffic jams" at the entrance to buildings and aisles.

Tecom Electronics is turning to worldwide customers, dealers and resellers for a pre-order option. The global expectation is that thousands of office buildings, public buildings, educational institutions and businesses will need temperature measurement solutions.

Stalling orders can cause your business to lose months of financial loss, long wait times and employees who want to return to their work but are afraid to do so because the organization is not prepared to prevent the Corona epidemic.

In view of demand, prices may also go up, companies, public institutions and educational institutions that book by the end of April will benefit from attractive prices and short delivery lead times.

For more information and pre-order visit Tecom Electronics website: https://lp.vp4.me/mfo5

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