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TechyKids Gets Ready for Back to School with Virtual Coding Classes!

Press Release: August 21, 2020

Newmarket, On:  TechyKids will continue to run their virtual classes throughout the Fall as kids get ready to head back to school. When the Ontario Government announced introduction to Coding will be added to the Math Curriculum commencing in the September 2020 school year, TechyKids sign ups increased significantly. Since that announcement, TechyKids has experienced their best sales months since originally opening in March 2018. The announcement by the school board, further supports the importance of students learning to code. The exposure that students will now have at a much younger age to coding will further open the minds of student and parents to new technologies and potential future paths.  Learning to code, improves students critical problem solving skills and creative thinking abilities.


When the school year commences, they will continue to provide a virtual platform for students to learn how to code.  Parents appreciate the flexibility of their schedule and most importantly, they know their children are safe, working virtually, learning how to code.  The new schedule, will include late afternoon, evening and weekend time slots to ensure parents and students across Canada have a variety of options to ensure the child continues learning how to code.


Of this announcement, TechyKids CEO Raye Ackerman said:

"There has been a massive push recently by parents that are looking for something different for their kids.  Private schools will touch on coding and programming for kids and it’s great to see the Provincial Government level up and modernize their curriculum to meet the demands of parents! Grade 1 is a great age to expose both kids and parents to coding and we’re ready to pick up on the excitement that this creates and pick up where the school boards leave off as we offer professional curriculums right through grade 12 and on! Very exciting times!”


About TechyKids

TechyKids is a specialized evening and weekend program that teaches kids coding, programming and digital tech. Canadian owned and operated, TechyKids was Founded in 2018 with their corporate offices located in Newmarket, Ontario. TechyKids has quickly become the market leader in the industry with its professional facilities, strong online solution, licensed teachers and a comprehensive and proven curriculum.


TechyKids is executing a comprehensive plan that provides kids with the advantage they will need as they continue with their education and career journeys.  Their flexible online coding classes ensures students are able to take coding classes virtually from the comfort of their home. TechyKids provides a wide variety of courses, and support solutions to match the interest of both students and parents.

For more information on TechyKids, visit www.techykids.ca or www.techykidsacademy.ca

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