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Technical Management Training Course Now Available on Pluralsight

Press Release: June 08, 2017

Today, HoffsTech, LLC. announced its release of their latest training video on Pluralsight entitled “Moving from Technical Professional to Management.” Students can enroll by visiting https://www.hoffstech.com/techpro.

According to Shelley Benhoff, President and CEO of HoffsTech, LLC, the purpose of the training course is to assist technology professionals in learning how to elevate their careers with strategic maneuvers to obtain management positions. Viewers can access this and many other educational courses through the Pluralsight website, https://www.pluralsight.com/, with a paid site subscription.

“During the course of my 16-year tech career, I have learned – sometimes through hardship - how to become a successful professional, manager, and now owner, and I am a proponent of imparting the wisdom of my experience to future technical leaders.” said Benhoff.

This on-demand course provides technical professionals with tried and true methods to help them level up in their careers and excel in management. During this course, viewers will be presented with everyday scenarios and proven techniques to show their leadership skills. They will also learn how to persuade middle and upper management to take notice of their outstanding skills and land promotions.

The audience for this course includes all technology professionals, working in the following roles: Development, Design, Analysis, Marketing, Sales, QA, etc. HoffsTech courses are designed for self-pacing, so that students can learn new skills when time permits.

Shelley Benhoff is available for additional information and comments.

HoffsTech, LLC, established in 2015, provides online training and professional development for technical professionals and job seekers in the U.S. and globally. Visit the HoffsTech website at www.hoffstech.com. HoffsTech offices are located at 109 Ambersweet Way, Suite 231 in Davenport, FL.

Pluralsight is a privately held online education company that offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website and subscription model. Pluralsight performs rigorous due diligence before accepting courses on their site. Authors are required to participate in a vetting process prior to site approval. Visit the Pluralsight website at https://www.pluralsight.com/.

Students can enroll in Moving From Technical Professional to Management by visiting https://www.hoffstech.com/techpro.

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