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TEBillion advances to the Technology sector with its advanced automation solutions

Press Release: August 06, 2020

London, United Kingdom: TEB makes organisation, planning and resource management simpler for technology and software service companies.
Using TEB's cloud-based business management system, contracts and terms are easily exchanged, while organising projects is made simple, meaning they can always be delivered on time and on budget. Contracts and quotes can be easily issued, accessed and approved meaning projects can be launched in a matter of minutes. TEB also makes it easy to adjust projects, incorporating changes as and when they are required. 
TEB handles every stage of the customer lifecycle, from entering a client’s details to invoicing upon the completion of a project – as well as helping growing businesses manage leads, track project progress and approve timesheets. Resource allocation and cost tracking are accurate, meaning that it will be easy to identify overruns and missed deadlines, as well as to change orders.
These solutions by TEB will act as a single, integrated product suite. These tools  improve productivity, giving more time to focus on key business challenges rather than being distracted by time-consuming admin tasks. As a software-as-a-service product that requires no installation, TEB is available anywhere, at any time – as long as an internet connection is available.
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About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.

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